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Hey there! I'm Eli. I grew up in Shelburne, Vermont (a little town with a big teddy bear factory), and came to Oberlin basically on a whim. I've been here for three years now — minus a stint abroad at University College London — and haven't regretted it for a minute.

As a double major in archaeological studies and ancient Greek, I'm fully qualified to translate Athenian legal speeches and squint at potsherds under a petrographic microscope. I've spent the last three summers doing field work in Italy with the Sangro Valley Project, where I stumbled on the honors project that's currently swallowing my life: a geochemical analysis of Roman terra cotta tiles.

My other love is sexual health and education: in the evenings you can find me in the HIV Peer Testing office or the Sexual Information Center, planning workshops and running counseling roleplays. After that, it's off to bake vegan treats in Harkness Co-op, sip tea with friends, or catch a folk show or a contra dance. More rarely, I have been known to retreat to my room on Classics Hall for some much-needed sleep...

When I first came to Oberlin, I was amazed to find so many delightful people and exciting opportunities. Now I'm in my last year here, and I've got no intention of leaving until I've done everything and met everyone. I'm excited to tell you all about it — and if you see me around campus, please say hi!

{ Entries }


Ohio, I'm gone.

Saying goodbye to Oberlin so the class of 2016 can say hello.

"So, what are you going to do with your life?" - resolved!

The call was from AVODAH, The Jewish Service Corps: after four interviews, they had decided to offer me a placement as a Homeless Outreach Assistant at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

"So, what are you going to do with your life?"

For those of you who are curious about what a liberal arts student does after Oberlin, I have some bad news and some good news...

Honors: The View from the Far Side

There are a lot of stories that I could tell about the process of writing my thesis, but I'll just share one piece of advice: if you doze off during a late night in the library, when the building closes you will get locked in.

Pardon me, but which way is it to Athens?

Some thoughts on teaching intensive ancient Greek.

The Battle of South Campus

If it comes to pass that neither of these plans is favorable, it shall be known that Sci-Fi Hall and Classics Hall are officially "in a fight." Terms of war will be drafted, and we will meet you on the battlefield.

True Confessions of an Oberachiever

Scheduling everything was like playing a game of Tetris: staring at the little colored blocks on Google Calendar and wondering where I could make another one fit.

Postcards from Italy

or, What I Did Over My Summer Vacation: archaeological fieldwork and an experiment in transatlantic blogging!

Some thoughts on liminality

Earlier this week, Brandi asked all of us what our favorite word was. My answer: "liminality" -- the state of being in-between, caught between two states of existence, on a threshold...

The Dissociated Press: An Antique Adventure

For three and a half weeks, we've slipped into an archaic apprenticeship system and become printer's devils. When else could I do something like this, if not during Winter Term?

How tofu got me into college: my Common App essay

If you applied Early Decision for the class of 2015, here's a small distraction from the long, painful wait by the mailbox! And if you're working frenetically on your Regular Decision essays, hopefully this will serve as inspiration ... or maybe a model of what not to do ...

Shelter from the storm

I am beginning to think of Oberlin as a secret society, or a religion, some bizarre underground cult. Once you discover that it exists, you can't go anywhere without running into fellow initiates.

Somewhere in England; or, why Gandhi is my homeboy

Toto, we're definitely not in Ohio anymore.

Come to Oberlin, get free stuff.

Oberlin is probably the best place in the world to find recycled, reused, free (or insanely cheap) stuff. So before you hitch a ride to Wal-Mart, here are a few places to get to know...

Hark is where the heart is

I've spent the last week preparing to leave Harkness, the co-op where I've lived since my freshman year. So - to alleviate my own nostalgia, as well as give some info to folks who are filling out their housing forms - here's a little bit about Harkness.

OSCA Prom: a night to remember

When we last left our fearless hero, he was waist-deep in a vat of vegan Jell-O. But a far more formidable challenge loomed - organizing the prom...

Think one fearless road can lead to Oberlin? So do we.

I sat and thought about all the colleges I'd visited. And the thing that jumped out about Oberlin was that I wanted to go back.

Caution: contains Jell-O wrestling!

It's spring break. It's two in the morning. I am trying to figure out how much it will cost to fill a kiddie pool with vegan Jell-O. How did I end up here?

i ♥ herodotus!

Yup... it's going to be a good semester. (Caution: contains Twitter and YouTube!)

Pimp My Dollhouse

If I've learned one thing this Winter Term, it's to always look under the roof!

Guys and Dolls

Roman roof tile, Radio Free Association!, the Ladies' Home Journal, and more affairs of Winter Term living

The Little Proposal That Could

To do: make policy for a multi-million dollar corporation, create awesome trans activism, have the dorkiest party in the world...

Things I've learned about dining halls by eating in a co-op

For the curious, here's a taste of what makes dining halls and co-ops different. Consider it an anthropological study.

Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky

Obie weather...

Who I am, and what I'm doing here

Amidst the dark fog of midterm week, a sleepy, masochistic archaeology student sits in a tiny room in a tiny co-op in a tiny town in Ohio, pounding away at a keyboard...

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