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Hey. My name is Isaac Yoder and I'm a college first-year from Piedmont, California, a little town in the wonderful San Francisco bay area.

I have no clue as to what I want to major in - part of the reason why I chose to come to Oberlin. Here, I can try out a broad range of classes that interest me (this semester, everything from a seminar on political leadership to a geology class on coral reefs) and still be confident that there will be a solid department to support me in whatever I finally decide to study.

Growing up in Tokyo and the San Francisco bay area, two of the world's cultural hubs, I thought it would be a dramatic change of pace to live in rural Lorain County, Ohio. But in my time on the Oberlin campus so far I've found that, with concerts, speakers, plays, events and more, there has been even more to do than back at home.

Thus far, I've kept myself pretty busy at Oberlin. I live and eat in lovely Keep Co-op, have a weekly show on WOBC, the campus radio station, and am one of Oberlin's 15 student senators. And I still seem to find time in there for school work and some sleep.

{ Entries }


The College Decision

Isaac recalls his own college decision and gives advice for those in the same tough situation.

Fall 2009 Student Senate Referendum: Struggle, Success, and Results

After a semester of toiling to finish the Student Senate Referendum, Isaac and the other senators are relieved to have collected enough votes to reach quorum and make the results official.

Parents Weekend

Isaac braves the herds of smiling parents on Parents Weekend.

Back Home

Isaac reflects on his first impressions of Oberlin after flying back home for fall break--only to find that his real home is at Oberlin. Awww.

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