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Hello! I’m Jules. I live in Burton, and when I'm not at Oberlin you can find me in various parts of Manhattan, both uptown and downtown. I spent the early part of my life outside of the City, but now I am back. What I miss most from home when I’m at school is my Chinese grandmother’s home cooking, and my various food haunts around Chinatown.

I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker after I watched Star Wars in the third grade, and since then I’ve made many short films and written screenplays of my own. I plan to double major in cinema studies and English, because I'm fascinated by storytelling in general. Some of my favorite directors are Alejandro González Iñárritu, Fritz Lang, Steve McQueen, Alfonso Cuarón, Sofia Coppola, and Wong Kar Wai. In my downtime I like to kick back with an X-Men comic or movie, though.

I'm a station staff member and a DJ on the radio station, 91.5 WOBC-FM. My show, Sounds of the Silver Screen, is made up of film soundtracks and scores from all eras and places, centering around a specific theme each week. It’s 9 AM every Sunday morning, and you can tune in at wobc.org! My staff position at WOBC is as the International Genre Director, and I handle all the incoming world/international music that passes through the station.

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Becoming One with My Research Fellowship: A Closer Look

My research wasn't all movie-watching and scouring old articles from the 70s and the 90s: I made it interactive through re-acquainting myself with the martial arts, specifically kung fu.

Bruce Lee, Keanu Reeves, and Jules Greene: A Research Journey

I really had no idea that I would amass so much information that I could talk for hours about everything I've learned, but I did! I'm looking forward to coming back to Oberlin next summer to continue doing research.

Jules Makes A Personal Narrative Film

I wanted a program where I would be given the freedom to pursue different styles of filmmaking, because I was getting bored with knowing the ins and outs of really normal video-making, for lack of a better term.

Everything I Thought I Wouldn't Do

Overall, college has been a pretty transformative experience, as it's said to be, and I feel that I trust in Oberlin enough to no longer be afraid of the change that may lie ahead for me.

Finding Community at the Asia America Art Collective

There's something unique about being an AAPI artist that presents its own set of complexities and conflicts that made the experience of hanging out with other AAPI artists give me a sense of hope and comfort about my decision to become a filmmaker.

Fire in the Belly: Being a Second Generation College Student

I feel that my generational status has fixed a motor onto the back of me that keeps me going at a brisk but steady pace at Oberlin. This motor propels my own sense of initiative, as well as the value that I have towards my education.

What I Learned From Making a Documentary Over Winter Term

I'm definitely pleased with the overall outcome of my movie, since I wasn't exactly sure if I would even be able to finish it in the time allotted during Winter Term.

Jules Makes a Documentary in Oberlin and Becomes Ken Burns

Weather problems aside, it's been lovely to get the chance to really explore Oberlin's campus with this project.

No, I'm Not a Theater Major, I'm Just a Low Key Thespian

I'm not a Theater major, and I've never actually taken a theater class. But I've found that there's a vibrant student theatre scene on campus, and that there are opportunities for non-majors to act in the department shows that happen each semester.

A Tradition of Disillusionment, of Sound and Fury

But the thing I perhaps struggle with most right now is how incredibly terrifying it is to exist in a moment that will be revisited time and again years from now, while being completely unsure of what is to come next.

Local Blogger Obsessed With Slamming Feet on Pavement

For me, the physical and psychological need to run completely eclipses any superficial insecurities. Perhaps it gives me an opportunity, for once in my life, to not overthink things.

Re-Learning to Raise My Hand, with Guidance from Shia LaBeouf

In the very beginning of the semester, I barely raised my elbow off the table when I had something to say, and when I realized my professors weren't calling on me probably because they couldn't see my hand, I adopted a new philosophy for class participation.

How Jules Greene Does Summer: An Illustrated Look

I now think about where I was this time last year, when I was fresh off the tails of high school and pretty darn directionless with how I was going to spend my summer, and yeah, I can totally see why some people have not been able to recognize me.

The Trials and Triumphs of Freshman Year [feat. DJ Khaled]

My adjustment disorder was something unforeseeable, but the experience of overcoming it has only made me hardier and better experienced. More importantly, it gave me an incredibly powerful motivation to succeed in everything that I do.

I Contracted a Fever During All Roads: A Thrilling Account Based on True Events

Jules tosses and turns on the floor. She SNEEZES VIOLENTLY several times and she is still shivering.

My Spring Semester Classes

I would say my class choices for this semester are indicative of my decision to go the liberal arts route rather than the undergraduate film school route.

From Quiet Floor to Asia House

While I am certainly cognizant of respecting my floor mates here in Asia House, I no longer have to conduct my life at the volume of a mouse (until quiet hours commence at 11 PM each week night).

Winter Art Rental: Extreme, but Worth It

It isn't that I have a problem with sifting through things to find the gold, years and years of thrift shopping have given me the patience for that, it was just that well, everything was gold in this case.

X-Men: The Unexpected Virtue of Influence

I've only attempted this daring stunt once before, and that quickly faded into obscurity. Before I started working on this story, the longest piece I had ever written for the screen was a teleplay of 40 pages or so. In comparison, feature-lengths are at least 90 pages, give or take, so I knew this project would keep me busy during my birthday month.

Kindness in Filmmaking and Beyond

To me kindness is an important thing to exercise because it's an expression of mindfulness, mindfulness in the sense that it's the recognition of another's personhood.

Mudd Library, the First Brutalist Building I've Ever Loved

To me, the inside of Mudd feels like an ode to the joys (and maybe pains, but I'm not going to focus on that) of education and the process of forming one's own ideas.

Good Morning, and Good Luck: Musings of a Radio DJ

My first thought when I opened the email saying that my show had been picked for the fall program was "Oh my god, I'm going to play the Jurassic Park theme song so many times."

That Time I Fell Onto Campus, Or How I Rolled Out of a Rent-a-Car

In a weird way, my first brush with Oberlin was like my birth: I was late (although not by 10 days) and my body was propelled through the air until I landed somewhere, and maybe that's why I loved it immediately.

Why I, a New Yorker, Am Glad I Didn't Go to College in NYC

Being at Oberlin has truly made me engage directly with my school community that I most definitely would have circumvented had I stayed in my city, where I would've relied on my own pre-existing knowledge of my surroundings to find something to do.

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