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Hi! My name is Lilah, I’m only of only three Drafts-Johnsons in the world, and I’m from Melrose — a small town outside of Boston. Currently, I am studying abroad in Santiago, Chile for the fall semester of my junior year. When I’m back at Oberlin, I’m very excited to be living in La Casa Hispánica!

Academically at Oberlin, I am a Latin American studies and politics double major. I love speaking Spanish and talking about language pedagogy, and I would love to recommend you some books about US involvement in Latin America. I also do individual research on women in sports, and I’m fascinated by the power of sport to unite people from all walks of life.

Extracurricularly, I’m a captain for the varsity track and field team, work as a peer trainer for Oberlin’s sexualized violence prevention program PRSM, and volunteer as a student instructor for the Spanish teaching program SITES at Eastwood Elementary. I also like to write poetry with OSlam!, Oberlin’s slam poetry group, and talk about sports with SAAC, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee.

Oberlin and writing are two of my favorite things, so I’m so excited to share my Oberlin experience with you! If you see me around campus let’s make eye contact and smile, and I always appreciate feedback and commentary on my writing! Happy reading!

{ Entries }


Learning and Labor

On-campus jobs and more!


Student-athlete, North-South, and other intersections of identity.

All Roads Lead to Oberlin... Eventually

My Oberlin waitlist experience.

The Nationals Experience

All-American Awards, history making performances, and sushi.

Oberlin Without My Best Friend

I take on an Oberlin semester without my sidekick and roommate.

From a Chilean Summer to an Oberlin Winter Term

If my Winter Term is an indication of how the semester will go, it will be a crazy but fulfilling semester.

Settling Down

As I settle back into a community I will be with for the next 1.5 years, I want to pay homage to the places and people who have hosted me this past year.

Athletics while Abroad

For the student-athlete considering going abroad -- I say go for it.

Español y yo

Two years ago I took my Spanish 101 final -- now I'm studying for finals at a Chilean university.

Farther from Home than Ever

I was studying the downfall of democracy in Chilean politics when I checked the polls for the first time on Election Night.

Houses, Homes, and Home Bases

Study abroad has made me think a lot about the word "home."

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