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Hi everyone! I'm Margaret Saunders and I'm a third-year student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That's right, Steeler Nation! Unfortunately, I can't tell you very much about football, but if you ever want to chat about Andrew Carnegie's museums or test how many of Pittsburgh's buildings I can name in the background of The Dark Knight Rises, I'm your girl.

I'm an art history major interested in ancient cultures and anthropology. I fence sabre for the Oberlin College Flaming Blades (take the ExCo!) and frequent blues dances on Friday nights. I work at the circulation desk in Mudd Library, so don't be afraid to say hi!

You can often find me studying in the South lounge, biking around campus, or chilling anywhere I can find a suitable couch. If you would like free knitting lessons or advice, I have seven years of experience under my belt and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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There and Back Again, and Again, and Again

Oberlin, Prague, and advice for prospies on making your big college decision.

Smock, Paper, Scissors

My third and final Winter Term project with Aimee Lee ('99) and "Papermaking and Book Art Across Culture and History."

Ryba Na Suchu (Fish Out of Water)

"Mlivíte česky?" The beginning of my semester in Prague.

Month at the Museum

A Winter Term recap of the Practicum in Museum Education course at Oberlin's Allen Memorial Art Museum.

Finals Survival Guide 2013

As if you needed an excuse to listen to the new Beyoncé album, anyway.

His Name is Mudd: An Insider's Guide to Using the Library

Getting back to the books will be easier than ever.

What I Dug Up On My Summer Vacation

26 days, 33 students and specialists, and many, many cups of gelato: working with Sangro Valley Project.

Six Things I Didn't Expect to Love in College

Including but not limited to: blended fruit juice, dusting, and voluntary exposure to more pollen than my allergies can handle.

Recap: Fencing Club National Championships

At USACFC Championships I learned that fencing tournaments are 50% waiting and watching other bouts, 30% eating and napping, and 20% actual fencing.


Last week was a week full of words.

All The Educated Ladies, Put Your Hands Up

Why the story of these ladies has not been the subject of an Oscar-winning biopic I have no idea, because I'd definitely sponsor it.

Obies, Obies Everywhere!

No, this isn't about Lena Dunham. You can relax. There is a picture of a kitten inside!

A Salute to First Semester

I do a little bit of boasting on behalf of the Fencing ExCo. Or is it FenceCo? FenxCo? FedEx?

Music Appreciation in Three Acts

Gangnam Style at the opera? Only at Oberlin.

Winter is Coming (And You're Going to Need Boots)*

*This post doesn't have anything to do with Game of Thrones.

Urdu for the Frustrated English Speaker's Soul

Did you know that in Urdu, there are at least two different ways of pronouncing 'th'? That English speakers are almost physically incapable of deepening their d's?

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