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Hey there! I’m Tanya Aydelott, Assistant Director of Admissions for the College of Arts and Sciences. I grew up mostly in Cairo, Egypt, though my parents are neither Egyptian nor still in Cairo. Mine was a slightly nomadic childhood, flitting from Turkey to Kuwait to Qatar to Egypt and various other places in between, and it has given me a deep appreciation for building a home in the cities I find myself in. Being in the vibrant hamlet of Oberlin is an adventure, and I am enjoying the challenge of learning my community and sharing it with prospective students and their families.

I came to Oberlin from Philadelphia, and the first thing I fell in love with was the sky. I’m used to straining for a glimpse of the sunset between thick office buildings, but here all I have to do is look. Driving across the great long Keystone State, I filled my Instagram feed with photos of clouds and sunbursts, and I haven’t stopped. I’m serious: I received complaints—but also incredulity from my city-bound friends.

The second thing I fell in love with was the college itself. I’m thrilled to be working in the Admissions Office, where I get to interact daily with current students, prospective students and their parents, and members of the wider college community. I love the sense of vitality and collaboration that permeates the campus. I love the trust that the administration holds for its students (Art Rental, anyone?) and the deep respect and camaraderie that the students share with each other. The opportunities for growth are limitless here, and I adore hearing about the myriad ways that students teach each other, learn from their experiences, and plan to transform the world. There’s always something new to learn about, from student-run theater productions to new sustainability initiatives in the AJLC to international research opportunities available to students over winter term.

Living right by campus, where our students zoom by on their bicycles and even run a bike co-op, has reminded me that there is one shrieking gap in my education: I’ve yet to learn how to ride a bike! My colleagues assure me I’m in the right place. After all, where better to learn than the gorgeous tree-lined streets and fields of Oberlin?

So if you happen to visit campus some warm spring day, I’ll be the admissions rep sprawled out on Tappan Square, having dumped myself off a borrowed bike, laughing anyway and pointing enthusiastically at the clouds. Come over and say hi!

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