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Hello! My name is Teague (pronounced like "beige" with a T), and I’m a 2nd year from…

Well, actually where I’m from is a little complicated.

My dad worked abroad for a while as a civilian clinical psychologist for the US military, so I was born on a base in Germany, but only lived there for a few months. We soon moved to Sicily, where I lived for 6 or 7ish years. However, my dad didn’t want to raise kids moving around on that military life-style, and so along with a few other factors, we moved to New Plymouth, New Zealand. Why New Zealand? Good question.

Anyway, what this means is that I consider myself American-born (even though I’ve never lived in the US), but New Zealand raised; and legally, I’m a duel citizen. I’m more culturally a Kiwi, but I unfortunately hardly sound like it after a year here.

At Oberlin, I’m an RA in East Hall and am heavily involved in OCircus! (I teach the juggling ExCo, am the co-captain and treasurer for tumbling club, as well as the treasurer for OCircus!), the rock climbing team (which I’m also the treasurer for…), and the swing & blues dancing scenes.

{ Entries }


A Summer of Movement: The American Dance Festival

After only just discovering dance, I dived right in this summer and attended ADF, one of the largest summer dance intensives in the country. What resulted was one of the most empowering, exhausting and transformative experiences of my life.

A Summer of Movement: New York

For the start of my glorious Summer of Movement™, I headed to Brooklyn, New York, couch hopped for three weeks, and took just about every single class offered at the Brooklyn Zoo Gym: Parkour, Tricking, Breakdancing, Bar Conditioning, Contortion, etc.


After finally finishing my shaky sophomore year, I say goodbye to Oberlin for the next 8 months, and prepare for my most audacious adventures yet.

A Day in the Life

After the macro and intense approach of my last blog, I decided I needed to dial things down to the micro level. This is everything that happened on my May 3rd, 2017.

From Surviving to Thriving

This past semester, I 'sophomore slumped' hard. I struggled with intense feelings of depression, disconnection, and nihilism, and I critically questioned who I am, who I want to be, and where my place is in the world.

Winter Term, 2nd Edition: Guadalajara, Mexico

This year, I spent the month of January living in a completely new country, learning Spanish from scratch.

Well, Here I Am

Reflections on my most emotionally charged semester yet.

One Ticket to the Double Major Club, Please

I just put in the last puzzle piece, and I feel complete.

Shock and Awe

Reflections on the 2016 Election results.

Le Chatelier's Principle

The journey to finding equilibrium.

The Dos and Don't of Orientation

Here ya go froshbabies. This is the definitive guide.

Commencement 2016

OSwing, OCircus!, and Legacies.

Circus, Finals, and... The End?

In the past two weeks, I've been in the amazing OCircus! Spring Show, had finals, and had to say my goodbyes to friends.

A Major Declaration - The Story of Me and Computer Science

I may have declared my CS Major, but I remain committed to the broad liberal arts education that Oberlin is all about.

The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing Courses

Somehow, it's already almost time to register my courses for next semester. Third time's the charm, right?

Winter is Coming

Two months late, winter has finally arrived at Oberlin. Hopefully, the same can finally happen for season six of a certain show/book series...

Back in the Saddle

Musings and meanderings about my mostly marvellous return to Oberlin.

Winter Term, 1st Edition: SANCA Circus School, Seattle

Run away and join the Circus? Check.

A Farewell to Home

Time marches on, circumstances change, and suddenly home isn't home anymore...

Why Yes, We Have Rock Climbers in Ohio

Why I'm a blogger, why I'm a climber - and how I know that you'll find your community at Oberlin.

My Experience of Barrows After (Almost) a Semester

Why living in the 'worst' First-Year dorm isn't as bad as you'd think...

Oberlin Weekends - Arts and Sciences; Learning and Labour

Weekends are just as busy as the weeks. Maybe more so... The following is an analysis of Halloween and Parents Weekend.

An Ode To Home

You'll be having the time of your life.... And then it hits you.

How The Hell Did I End Up in Ohio?

I walked in with no expectations. No pre-conceived ideas of what Uni would be like. No idea of how my life was going to change.

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