The Selection Process


Ever wonder what happens to your application once you've clicked "submit" at the Common App site?

First, you'll receive a letter in the mail from your regional representative, letting you know that your application has been received. The letter will also provide contact information should you have any questions throughout the process.

We will also send you a letter (and often an email message as well) if we are missing any parts of your application. But please be patient! It takes time to process all the pieces of your application. You can also check the status of your application through our online portal (you'll receive log-in information via email).

After your application and all supporting documents (transcripts, essays, recommendation letters) are assembled here in Oberlin, your digital file is passed to your regional admissions counselor. Your admissions counselor will do a "first read" of your application file. Every admissions counselor first-reads applications from his/her regional territory. This way we get to read applications from students we may have met during our fall travels or from schools we are familiar with. The first reader will complete a holistic review of your application, looking at all of the materials you've submitted (transcript, SAT/ACT scores, recommendation letters, essay, activities).

Your file is then passed to a second reader. Second reads are distributed alphabetically among the other admissions counselors so that we have the opportunity to read applications from all over the world. At least two counselors read each file.

Finally, your application is brought to the Admissions Committee for discussion. Your first reader will present your application and then answer any questions from the committee members. We will reach a decision by consensus whether to admit, waitlist (defer in the case of ED applications), or deny.

The process begins in November with Early Decision round 1 applications and concludes in late March. On the days we release our decisions (mid-December for ED round 1, late January for ED round 2, or late March for regular decision), there is much rejoicing. In fact, the day we release our regular decision letters, we cut into the TGTLAITM cake (Thank God The Letters Are In The Mail). We've also celebrated with gutter parties (we fill gutters with ice cream and eat right out of them; it's a good thing we like our co-workers so much!) and popped champagne/sparkling grape juice corks, relishing all the hard work that you have put into your applications and we have put into reading them. In the end, we hope that we have admitted a class of new Obies who want to know answers to important questions, who want to create great works, and who want to better the lives of others.

Then we wait... until the May 1 national candidates' reply deadline to see which of the admitted students choose to embrace our very special Oberlin community.

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