Each year, Oberlin offers more than 400 concerts and recitals, about 40 theater and dance productions, and at least two operas - not too shabby for a town of 8,600. The campus also houses one of the top five college art museums in the nation, the Allen Memorial Art Museum. The Oberlin Convocation Series presents free, public discussions of contemporary issues by some of the country's most prominent writers, artists, and thinkers - this year it brought Newt Gingrich, Stephen Sondheim, and Michael Pollan, among others.

If a quiet night at the movies is more your cup of tea, the local Apollo theatre - a mainstay of the local community for over 80 years - shows new releases for only $3 ($2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Additionally, the Oberlin Film Series provides students with on-campus film screenings most weekends throughout the school year. The student-run Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse and Dionysus Disco (more commonly known as the 'Sco) offer students the chance to see local and visiting bands and performance groups.

Students here are never bored; in fact, they usually have the opposite problem: too many competing events in the same time period. If for some reason you're unable to find what you're looking for in Oberlin, however, the surrounding area offers even more. With Cleveland only 35 miles away, Oberlin is part of a metropolitan area of nearly 3 million people. Cleveland boasts world-class cultural institutions, major-league sports, unique ethnic neighborhoods, and great dining and nightlife. Students have access to attractions like the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and much more.

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Runnin' Away With Me

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Celebrate Your Story

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FAQ for Incoming First Years

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The Oberlin Translation Symposium and Why You Should've Been There

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A Day in the Life of an Obie

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Be Mesmerized

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | She conducts extensive interviews with people across the country and uses their words verbatim to develop and tell their stories that address the larger commentary such as the race relations, discrimination, poverty, injustice.


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Roller Coaster Adventures

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | In which I go to an amusement park with a group of friends, figure out what to do with a pile of free stuff, get mistaken for Guy's younger brother, and move into summer housing.


posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | A description of my Toni Morrison moment at Oberlin.


posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | dum, dum, dum, doo doo doo dum, dum, dum....

Visual highlights from the semester that was

posted by Simbarashe Runyowa '15 | Orientation is a tidal wave of emotions interspersed with much shaking of hands and regurgitation of well-rehearsed soundbites ("Hi, I'm Simba. It's so nice to meet you. Where are you from?"). It was hands down the most fun part of the semester — they don't even tell you that you will have to go to class for the rest of your college career.

Making Music Matter

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | I don't know how long the institute was in the making, but Rubin could have supported other established music programs, had a wing or a studio built at a music school with his name embossed on a silver plate, or even set up a scholarship in music criticism.

On Study Breaks

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | The last few weeks of the semester are always incredibly full with people working on final projects, last ExCo or club performances, studying their brains out, and attending study breaks to cram their brains back into their skulls.

Heart It Races

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | What happens when Architecture in Helsinki joins forces with Oberlin? I vomit happiness and bright colors all over my screen and call it a post of thanksgiving, that's what.

Still Reeling

posted by Eleanor Bronder-Major '15 | This is why they italicize the performer's instrument after their name: Alexa Still, flute.

Snatches of a Conversation, II

posted by Christine Chang '13 | The continuation of the transcript, covering the convocation.

Snatches of a Conversation, I

posted by Christine Chang '13 | A rather broken transcript of the open conversation portion of Salman Rushdie's visit.

Zombies on campus

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Zombies, Nerf guns, and many pictures. What else could you want?

The Big Parade Blog

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | The tenth annual Big Parade: an afternoon of relaxation, ingenuity, and stilts.

My Weekend, In Summary

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | A highlight: the dessert contest, with categories such as hottest dessert, coldest dessert, and most fractal (largest surface area to volume ratio) dessert.

A word from David.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | A guest blog by my roommate David Fegley, covering things on Oberlin's campus that my knowledge simply doesn't cover.

An Oberwhelming Weekend

posted by Griff Radulski '14 | Pizza cooking, folk music, contra dancing and farm working: this is your weekend on Oberlin.


posted by Christine Chang '13 | There was an impressively multilingual pool of students, faculty, and visitors in King 106 last Thursday, for those who missed the amazing translation symposium. And if you did, come next year!

Lunar New Year!

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Excitingly enough, this year we purchased a second lion, so this year we were able to do really cool things like have the lions jump over one another. Plus, if you have more lions, everything just looks cooler.

A Good Place to Be

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | Oberlin seems to be positioning itself as a destination city--a place people come to for dining, entertainment, and recreation.

Creative Canters: Art Walk Fall 2010

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | A mini-stroll down this fall's art walk, a showcase of student artworks from the span of studio art classes. With many many photos!

Events at Oberlin.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | Detailing the wide array of events that can happen on Oberlin's campus - within a single semester!

A Visitor's Guide to Oberlin: Thinking Outside the Box

posted by Patrick Doherty '11 | The fourth and final part of my four-part series on visiting Oberlin.


posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | It's the same at Oberlin: you'll want to try, visit, attend, be a part of, witness as many different programs and events as possible. But some events are one-shot deals.


posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I was also prone to saying things like, "No, you have to tell me exactly where my feet and hands go in the turn, I can't just turn."

Filipino food equals love.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | Warning: scrum-diddly-umptious pictures that will cause your stomach pain.

In which I discuss the moon instead of thermo

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Last year, I got to play the role of a whiny, ignorant child. This year, I got to play the role of an angsty, apathetic teen. It's like I'm growing older and everything.

Things that have blown my mind this fall

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | A blog about exciting things going on at Oberlin--mostly focusing on convocations--plus a Very Important Announcement at the end.

Festival of Culture (so as not to reproduce a similar title exactly)

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | When we ambled around Tappan Square, I was the head of the lion, hearkening back to the first time I did the lion dance. My lovely friend who was the tail was also the person who danced with me that first time.

Wheelin' and Reelin'

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I would say today was a total success: lots of cool looking bikes, bike paraphernalia all over the place, and hundreds of enthusiastic people outside during one of the most pleasant days of September.

Twice In a Lifetime

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Oh, Oberlin. Making me have once-in-a-lifetime experiences twice.

The Coz!

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | If this entry had audio, it would definitely have me doing a KILLER Bill Cosby impression: "My WIFE Camille, with the Jell-O pudding pops..."

After the Pomp and Circumstance

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | ...far more memorable are the friendships and relationships built and established during high school and college.

Commencement (and the flood of emotions that comes with it)

posted by Brandi Ferrebee '10 | When you find something you love as intensely and completely as I love Oberlin College, it's hard to consider leaving. But the whole point of coming to college is to graduate, right?

Major IMPROV'ment

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Out of the stress of the earliest parts of the meeting was born an uneasy sense of confidence that we could make the audience that night laugh, either for us or at us.

How I learned to stop worrying and love Contra Dance.

posted by Harris Lapiroff '10 | Before college, I never danced. Now, I dance all the time. What could possibly be responsible for this 180° change‽

Who says nothing happens on Earth Day?

posted by Sam Jewler '10 | I always thought Earth Day was a bunch of baloney. But this year, with the inspiration of my fellow student environmentalists, we're planning to make Oberlin's Earth Week one to remember.

Asian Pop Night, etc.

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I pointed out that no one in CSA is going to go out there and start any sort of dance-off, but that bit of sanity seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The Midwest Asian American Student Conference.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | A series of talks, lectures, and performances discussing the role new media plays in Asian American society.

Chinese New Year Banquet!

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | How exactly were we supposed to tape a tea light in a lantern? Did that even matter, since they wouldn't be able to see the tea light anyway?

And by Chinese New Year, I mean three weeks in a row

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Some of my friends cure this problem by volunteering in the local school district. I solved this problem by attending the East Asian Studies Department's Chinese New Year celebration.

Music Matters

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | With winter shutdown (aka winter break) soon upon us, the sounds of music have come to a standstill.

The most wonderful time of the year.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | finals week and reading period?

Things to do besides studying

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | We had what I think was our biggest audience ever, and then we had cake.

Good Night, Sleep Tight: Allen After Hours

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | One night a semester, the museum is open in the evening, specifically catering to students so they can visit the collection during hours that suit their schedule a little better.

Finals Week Woes

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | Why is it that the one time of year we're too busy to do anything we are presented with a plethora of incredible performances and events?

Baby, it's cold outside!

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | ... but life at Oberlin continues at its usual pace.

Parents Weekend

posted by Isaac Yoder '13 | Isaac braves the herds of smiling parents on Parents Weekend.

When nature calls, students organize. Part 1.

posted by Sam Jewler '10 | Students from all over Ohio descended on Oberlin last weekend to learn about and organize for our generation's greatest battle: turning back climate change.

Happy Halloween!

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Greetings, children of the night! Today's entry is a series of snapshots of my triumphant return to Oberlin, including lectures, geeky joy, and local apple cider.

Geeking Out, or "So you think you're a Harry Potter nerd"

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | I didn't win. But I was proud to remember both the 3 D's of apparition AND Ron's favorite Quidditch team.

Essays and Sunshine Scouts

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Setting: Science Center Atrium, Thursday, October 15, Midterm week. Joe begins typing his 5th page of a roughly 6-page paper...

The Next Best Thing

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | One of the benefits of working at a college or university is having access to some of the best writers, scientists, academicians, researchers, musicians, artists, social reformers, environmentalists, and politicians of the day.

Culture Festival

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Various student organizations and groups had tables set up around Tappan Square, with food and activities available from their respective cultures.

Lions, Vicodin, and Audience Participation

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | If you've been following along with us, you'll know that this past weekend we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. I was mainly in charge of directing the skit. I took this very seriously.

A night with Ed Helms

posted by Brandi Ferrebee '10 | Ben joyfully tipped us off that Helms & musical friends were going to be performing a bluegrass encore on the porch of Tank.

The Last Stand(up) at Helms Deep or Ol' Ed at the Helms - all of 'em!

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Ed Helms did not show up, but I made a great impression on a guy who walked into the bathroom.

Don't be a phantom, get on our radar!

posted by Jesse Hernandez, Admissions | If we don't know that you're interested in Oberlin, how can we tell you about all the cool admissions events that happen each year?

I've Commenced.

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | Holding that cap in my hands again this weekend and reading that message made me feel like I was getting hugged by my 17-year-old self.

Welcome to the Midnight Movie

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Under the new management, the Apollo now has two-dollar matinees, is screening a few different movies a week, and they're starting up a great new-old tradition: the midnight movie.

Remembering Memorial Day

posted by Charles Grim, Admissions | For those of you abroad who don't know, this past weekend was a holiday in the US: Memorial Day.

Let the Fun Commence

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Campus is rather empty right now and it seems like someone picked up Oberlin by the tail and shook and a few good people stayed latched on for the ride.

Commencement Speakers (not as dry as it sounds!)

posted by Charles Grim, Admissions | As we approach Oberlin's Commencement Ceremony, I couldn't help but think about Commencement speeches that I've heard over the years.

A Night at the Movies

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | As a cinema studies major, I don't have exams. If you're in a more traditional cinema class (think English, but your texts are films), you have final papers, but if you're in production classes, you're spending all your time editing, shooting (god help you if this is the case), editing more, printing to tape, and attending your class and other production class screenings.

'Undecided' P(h)art 2 (sorry, I'm incredibly immature)

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Our trivia team name, which was a great source of pride, was Schindler's Bucket List, only narrowly beating Hotel Rwanda for Dogs.

Will Work for Circus? I Work for Circus!

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I've had a request for Circus photos, so I warn you, this is a very photo heavy post. Actually, it's a photo log of the entire show.

Work for Circus: My Last Big Show

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | We packed the bleachers, night after night, squishing in 500 people per show. An audience of 1,500 in all saw my last big show.

Committee meetings are better over lunch

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I got a little overzealous and started quizzing people on their "action items," which I think only confused the issue.

Remember, Remember the 18th of April

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | There comes a weekend in April that you don't necessarily know how it exists. Namely, there is so much packed into a 72 hour period that you need something akin to a Time-Turner (from Harry Potter, lest you forget) to process everything.

Events Galore

posted by Elizabeth Houston '06, Admissions | In which I support our claims about the astounding volume and variety of events in Oberlin by telling you about my week.

Toni Morrison says we are a big deal

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | Our president Marvin Krislov presented Dr. Morrison with several gifts, one of which included a note from her 91-year-old first grade teacher from Lorain, Ohio - a phenomenal moment to consider that this powerful, Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning, larger-than-life inspiration to me was once upon a time, merely a first grader.

Concerts galore

posted by Chris Gollmar '10 | New music is alive and well in Oberlin, but so is the old. A look at the concerts I attended or performed in this past week.

How to put together a successful CSA film festival

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Watch some of the movie. Become rather confused because you've missed the first fifteen minutes. Snicker at inappropriate moments.

How to combine Ralph Nader, bad poetry, Bleak House, music, and chemistry into a single blog entry

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | For some reason, that computer program for writing Western musical scores didn't want to comply to my demands that it blend with Indian ways of notating music. I'm not really sure why it was so stubborn.

Drag Ball: Photo Edition!

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | Everyone is attractive, even when you have no idea what gender they are.

RJD2 =/= R2D2

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Oberlin is a mecca for all things music, and not just because of the Conservatory. Cool awesome bands and musicians are here all the time, at a fraction of the cost of most performances in the real world.

"Get your feathers out of my nose"

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Papageno, essentially a humanized bird and bird catcher, sang about how he wanted to catch chicks. And when he said "chicks," he didn't mean those little yellow baby chickens.

A Congress of Art at the Congressional Art Show

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | For three weeks of the year, the walls of the Bent corridor (which I totally thought was just a descriptor, not the name of two illustrious alumni, up until last week) are graced with beautiful local artwork from students from the 9th Congressional District. I was ever so lucky to be there photographing it.

Swing Dancing > "Real World"

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | In fear of the real world, I resolved to do and see as many ridiculous things as I can this semester. Like swing dancing.

"And at first you're not so worried. It's just Geneva."

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | He did say that there is a small chance that it will create a micro black hole that will gobble up Geneva and then the rest of the world.

Lunar New Year Banquet

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | From what I saw of it from my place serving "beef in spicy sauce," the performance was great.

All Roads Lead to Rom- Uh, Oberlin

posted by Jesse Hernandez, Admissions | The applications were sent, the waiting is over, and by the magic of a little envelope in the mail, POOF! You're now one step closer to being an Obie. But, if you've been accepted, what is available to help you decide if Oberlin is the right place for you? Man, if only there was some great and helpful program...

Making Modern Art at the Museum of Modern Art

posted by Daniel Tam-Claiborne '09 | There's more to the New York art scene than pretentiousness and Andy Warhol, but you certainly won't find it in this post. What you will find is a retrospective of some of the various art--both deliberate and not--that we happened to come across during our afternoon visit.

Main Street Readings: Flash fiction, poetry, and bluegrass!

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | When I got the note, I started dancing in the library and letting out some jubilant obscenities. I hadn't expected to win, especially for a story I hadn't workshopped, in a style I was new at.

The Oberlin Theater Club

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | There is, in fact, only one magical way to schedule all the performances (AND hit every single "Welcome back to a new semester! We missed you!" activity AND manage to see all your friends who you missed all of winter term... which can all coincide sometimes).

Vietnam 101

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | The second of two pieces I wrote during first semester about performances in Oberlin.


posted by Joe Dawson '12 | The movie centered on Darius, a 15-year-old with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Darius' brother Mario died of the same disease when he was 19, and Darius talks about his brother occasionally during the film.

Conquering my fear of readings

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | She told me how excited she was about the reading, and went on with something to the effect of: "I feel like all you creative writing majors have this separate writing world you live in sometimes. It's obviously such a huge part of your lives, and yet most of the rest of us never get to be a part of it."


posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | The hard part of Finals is ... finishing them.

Back at Altitude

posted by Nicolee Kuester '10 | The sun is out for the second day in a row, the thermometer out back says 0 degrees, and it's so dry that five miles to the west I can see the snow-frozen Rockies as clear as if they were a Bob Ross painting. The semester is done. I am home in Colorado.

Work it for Women!

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | The money raised by Work it for Women was to help women with the costs of an abortion: travel, overnight stays and child care.

A bit of my weekend...

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I spent most of my time last week trying to memorize a dance for the International Festival, which was held on Saturday.

Trying on a race director's cap

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | On those runs, I reflected a lot on the love that's developed in me over the last three years for the town of Oberlin, and I began working out ideas in my head about how to connect more with the local community.

November 4th in Oberlin

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | When I tell my kids where I was when this part of history was made, I will say this: I was in Oberlin. The best place in the world.

I don't write my stuff anymore, I just kick it from my head.

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | Ratatat, playing at the Sco on Tuesday, was insane.

Dress in drag and do the hula

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | All about Drag Ball, arguably the biggest yearly event at Oberlin.

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