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Although no two Obies are exactly alike (except maybe Chad and Brandon), we do hold some common values, like a slavish devotion to learning, using the critical thinking skills we learn in the classroom to change the world, and a love for music, whether the Bach cello suites or The Books.

We are socially, environmentally, musically, and literally conscious. We do Honors Projects, create art installations, and study treatments for Alzheimer's. We believed our parents when they told us, "You can do ANYTHING you want, honey!" even when, at the time, that meant being a rock or a dinosaur.

But we're not constantly kicking ass; we do take breaks every once in a while. Oberlin has a very active just-hanging-out population, whether in the idyllic North Quad, central and social Wilder Bowl, sweaty 'Sco, comfy Cat In The Cream Coffeehouse, or the squirrely Tappan Square.

We throw ourselves into our extracurricular activities with the same gusto we study Marx and peptides with, starting student organizations to demand a Middle Eastern and North African Studies program (done!) or divvy up the Student Activity Fee to all the other student organizations.

Oberlin might be a small, residential campus, but because of the zeal and zest of its students, there's never a dull moment to be found.

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Orientation Feelings

posted by Kira Findling '19 | I remember so clearly my mom driving away that first day. She gave me a big hug and got in the rental car. I leaned through the window to give her a kiss on the cheek. It was one of the clearest moments of change in my life, and I felt it in my chest the way you do when you're about to cry.

What I Learned at the Premier Place for Liberal Learning

posted by Zach Moo Young '17 | Am I just an indoctrinated, whiny, liberal arts college grad, snowflake?

Letters To Sammie pt.2

posted by Samantha Smylie '17 | I graduated from Oberlin and I still can't believe it. This is a short letter to myself and a lot of "thank yous" to faculty and staff who changed my life at Oberlin. Thank you all so much.


posted by Teague Harvey '19 | After finally finishing my shaky sophomore year, I say goodbye to Oberlin for the next 8 months, and prepare for my most audacious adventures yet.

Year Two: Done!

posted by Kira Findling '19 | It feels strange to say that I'm a junior in college, but here we are! Here are some lessons I learned over the past two semesters.

A Day in the Life

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | After the macro and intense approach of my last blog, I decided I needed to dial things down to the micro level. This is everything that happened on my May 3rd, 2017.

From Surviving to Thriving

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | This past semester, I 'sophomore slumped' hard. I struggled with intense feelings of depression, disconnection, and nihilism, and I critically questioned who I am, who I want to be, and where my place is in the world.


posted by Lilah Drafts-Johnson '18 | Student-athlete, North-South, and other intersections of identity.

Everything I Thought I Wouldn't Do

posted by Jules Greene '19 | Overall, college has been a pretty transformative experience, as it's said to be, and I feel that I trust in Oberlin enough to no longer be afraid of the change that may lie ahead for me.

An Update as a Former Student-Athlete

posted by Zach Moo Young '17 | The part they don't tell you about... Retiring as a student-athlete.

10 Things I Didn't Expect About Being an Oberlin Athlete

posted by Sarah Dalgleish '20 | Everything you need to know if you're a future yeoman or yeowoman.

Oberlin Without My Best Friend

posted by Lilah Drafts-Johnson '18 | I take on an Oberlin semester without my sidekick and roommate.

Sophomore Slumped

posted by Kameron Dunbar '19 | It's not all that they said it would be.

Well, Here I Am

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | Reflections on my most emotionally charged semester yet.

Second-Year Silver Linings

posted by Celina Kobetitsch '19 | A reflection on this rollercoaster of a semester.

An Insider's Guide to Gettin' Them Tickets

posted by Nick Endicott '20 | To get those coveted tix, Obies aplenty nervously shook in their blundstones as they queued a massive single-file line across the first floor of Wilder.

70 and Sunny Friday, 20 and a Blizzard Saturday

posted by Sarah Dalgleish '20 | A literal and metaphorical description of the past few weeks.

Moving Forward

posted by Kameron Dunbar '19 | Shattered, but I'm not broken.

Dining Hall Hacks

posted by Sarah Dalgleish '20 | How to MacGyver your way through 630 dining hall meals a year.

A 44-mile leap out of my comfort zone

posted by Celina Kobetitsch '19 | Bears, iodine tablets, tortillas, bruised hips, beautiful views, and good company.

Houses, Homes, and Home Bases

posted by Lilah Drafts-Johnson '18 | Study abroad has made me think a lot about the word "home."

On Being a New Freshman

posted by Celina Kobetitsch '19 | It's okay to ask a lot of questions, make mistakes, get lost, miss home, and meet a billion new people. You only get to be an Oberlin first-year once.

The Dos and Don't of Orientation

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | Here ya go froshbabies. This is the definitive guide.

Ask a Friend: Back to School Edition

posted by Kira Findling '19 | Welcome to Ask a Friend, in which four of my fellow Obies share their thoughts on the ups and downs of college life. In less than three weeks, we'll be back at Oberlin, so today's theme is BACK TO SCHOOL!

What I've Done, What I'm Doing

posted by Tom Cline '18 | A long look at what I did this summer and what I'll be doing next semester, with cute animal photos!

An Open Letter to My First-Year Self

posted by Kameron Dunbar '19 | No, this is not The Odyssey Online.

Love and Distance

posted by Kira Findling '19 | Love makes you want to skip through the mountains, turning in circles and singing like Julie Andrews. Being away from the person you love is decidedly less enjoyable.

Senior Year Bucket List!!!

posted by Brendan Nuse '17 and Frances Casey '17 | In which we get MAJORLY PUMPED for our final year at Oberlin!!!!!

Decompression Camping

posted by Karalyn Grimes '16 | When this semester ended I knew I wanted to celebrate with a camping trip. My friend Rewa and took off to my brother's favorite spot, Nordhouse Dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan.

I Did It!

posted by Kira Findling '19 | I can't believe my first year of college is over!

One year down, three to go

posted by Celina Kobetitsch '19 | In which I reflect on my first year at Oberlin.

Circus, Finals, and... The End?

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | In the past two weeks, I've been in the amazing OCircus! Spring Show, had finals, and had to say my goodbyes to friends.

The Trials and Triumphs of Freshman Year [feat. DJ Khaled]

posted by Jules Greene '19 | My adjustment disorder was something unforeseeable, but the experience of overcoming it has only made me hardier and better experienced. More importantly, it gave me an incredibly powerful motivation to succeed in everything that I do.

First Impressions: Across the Pond

posted by Brendan Nuse '17 and Frances Casey '17 | In which we figure out what we're doing here.

When One Door Closes, Another Opens

posted by Kira Findling '19 | In a way, I'm glad I didn't get what I wanted right away last semester. I ended up getting to see more of Oberlin outside of my "expected" path.

Winter is Coming

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | Two months late, winter has finally arrived at Oberlin. Hopefully, the same can finally happen for season six of a certain show/book series...

Winter Art Rental: Extreme, but Worth It

posted by Jules Greene '19 | It isn't that I have a problem with sifting through things to find the gold, years and years of thrift shopping have given me the patience for that, it was just that well, everything was gold in this case.

Back in the Saddle

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | Musings and meanderings about my mostly marvellous return to Oberlin.

So I'm Coming Up From Underwater...

posted by Calley Pierce '19 | Here's a reflection on my first semester of college, why it was rough, and how I came to see it as a true lesson in optimism.

Surviving Finals: A Love Letter to My Friends

posted by Karalyn Grimes '16 | Finals are really tough. This is how I got through them.

35 Notes on Burnout & Healing

posted by Alexandria Cunningham '16 | When it comes to being a college student and experiencing exhaustion, there is a lot of similarity across experience but general silence around what to (proactively) do about it. So let's talk!

Hosting an International Friend for the Holidays

posted by Celina Kobetitsch '19 | This winter break, I had the wonderful opportunity of being able to host my fellow Oberlin friend, Jenny, from China.

Kindness in Filmmaking and Beyond

posted by Jules Greene '19 | To me kindness is an important thing to exercise because it's an expression of mindfulness, mindfulness in the sense that it's the recognition of another's personhood.

Why Yes, We Have Rock Climbers in Ohio

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | Why I'm a blogger, why I'm a climber - and how I know that you'll find your community at Oberlin.

Coming to a Close

posted by Kameron Dunbar '19 | This is my, slightly late, cliché Thanksgiving post.

Sometimes College Isn't Great

posted by Emma Davey '18 | Talking about my icky feelings in a pretty personal blog post may not make for a fun read, but I hope I can shed some light on the realities of being a student here.

My Experience of Barrows After (Almost) a Semester

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | Why living in the 'worst' First-Year dorm isn't as bad as you'd think...

Self-Care Abroad

posted by Esther Espeland '17 | A semester abroad is not a semester away from life--and that's okay.

Black Lives Matter.

posted by Kameron Dunbar '19 | As Oberlin prides itself on its activist history, today we used our agency as activists on this campus.

Oberlin Weekends - Arts and Sciences; Learning and Labour

posted by Teague Harvey '19 | Weekends are just as busy as the weeks. Maybe more so... The following is an analysis of Halloween and Parents Weekend.

My Least Favorite

posted by Alexandria Cunningham '16 | Every time I encounter a prospective student visiting campus I am asked the inevitable question, "What is your least favorite thing about Oberlin?" Here's a post about how I think through that question.

Some thoughts on Self-Care on Campus

posted by Karalyn Grimes '16 | Sometimes college is hard. Sometimes you don't want to wake up at nine or go to the gym after class or drag yourself to Stevie/the co-op for a meal. Sometimes being a student is too much. Sometimes Oberlin is too much. This is a blog post for when you're there.

Truckin' Through Ohio, Wading Through the Wetlands

posted by Brendan Nuse '17 and Frances Casey '17 | Travel stories from Oberlin and Kunming.

A Fresh Start

posted by Celina Kobetitsch '19 | It's normal to be anxious about leaving home for college. It's also normal to be excited. I see leaving home as an opportunity.

On Making Space: Pie and Other Quiet Truths

posted by Tanya Aydelott, Admissions | This is not so much a reminder to be good to yourself as it is a call to action: go read Fangirl! (With a side of pie.)

Two Months In

posted by Kameron Dunbar '19 | These past two months have really flown by--I think it's appropriate to offer a bit of reflection.

On Getting Used to College

posted by Kira Findling '19 | Someone told me once that it takes at least a semester to figure out how you fit in at college. Finding home here is an ongoing process.

My Three Quad-Mates

posted by Rachel Finn-Lohmann '18 | This year I live in a quad in South and it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

The Back to School Questions

posted by Tom Cline '18 | I pretend that being one year older means I know what I'm doing, answer questions Ma'ayan asked in a blog post, and repeatedly talk about how excited I am to be back at Oberlin. This is the blog post I will send to my mom to catch her up on my life when I forget to call her this weekend.

The Last Ride

posted by Alexandria Cunningham '16 | The countdown to campus is T-minus 8 days until returning move-in!! Here's the checklist of things you probably didn't get...

An Introvert's Guide to Orientation

posted by Emma Davey '18 | And the rest of college, for that matter.

The Do's and Don'ts of Orientation

posted by El Wilson '18 | My tips for making orientation more than just one long info session.

Summer and Self Love

posted by Radia Lahlou '18 | The last three months have been great. I'm taking care of myself and working my mind. You should too. Happy Summer~!

Your Orientation Checklist

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Boiling down the orientation guide to a list of essential actions. Get your walking shoes ready, tune in your ears, and prepare yourselves for the first week of your next four/five years.

Calling Oberlin "Home"

posted by Andres Cuervo '17 | Some ideas on what it means to not be from here, but still consider this my home, for the time being, that is.

Summer Bloggin' (Having a Blast!)

posted by Emma Davey '18 | With a "Grease" reference in the title and promises of details of my summer AND advice for incoming Obies, what more does one need in a blog?

Letters To Sammie

posted by Samantha Smylie '17 | I'm sorry that this blog post is late. Whoops. I wrote a letter to myself because I feel that it is important to constantly look back at where I am at different time periods in my life. Maybe you guys should think about doing the same. :) Shout out to the Oberlin Class of 2015! CONGRATS!

The End

posted by Charlotte Ahlin '15 | So long and thanks for all the fish.

Commencement By the Numbers

posted by Emily Wilkerson '15 | Commencement week: I lived to tell the tale.

I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

posted by Emma Davey '18 | Random musings from the end of the year, featuring Britney Spears, Paul Simon, and Sandy the Squirrel.

50 Songs For Finals

posted by Samantha Smylie '17 | Hey you guys, I know that this time of the year is very busy. I just finished finals and wanted to give you guys a list of songs that were played on repeat for me. I didn't realize that it was 50 songs. I hope you enjoy the list.

Sports Bars, Silent Weekends, and American Sign Language

posted by El Wilson '18 | How I'm becoming bilingual without a single Oberlin professor's help.

Got questions for current Oberlin students?

posted by Tanya Aydelott, Admissions | Our spring virtual student panels are here!!

Support Is.......

posted by Samantha Smylie '17 | As a college student, everything is not just about academics. But those little things that harm you as a person will harm you as a student.


posted by Brendan Nuse '17 and Frances Casey '17 | It's been a year-long blogging extravaganza!

A Color-Coded Guide to Life

posted by Tom Cline '18 | I use the blogs to categorize my life and get a chance to show off my perfectly color-coded calendar.

I Have Friends, and They Have Thoughts

posted by Emma Davey '18 | My friends are wonderfully cool and smart, and I thought it was about time for the rest of the world to hear what they have to say. For any indecisive prospies out there + for anyone who wants the REAL scoop on what it's like to be an Obie.

Legacy, Heritage and Love

posted by Alexandria Cunningham '16 | What is the heart of cultural celebrations? Here's some insight on Black History Month.

Dynamite of Change

posted by El Wilson '18 | Ferguson, white privilege, and one of the many ways I'm an ignorant idiot.

Six Winter Term Feelings

posted by Rachel Finn-Lohmann '18 | From one home to another and then back again.

Oh the weather outside is... actually quite nice.

posted by Radia Lahlou '18 | 5am reflections on the end of my first semester of college + winter term.

A Resolution for Everyone's Resolution List

posted by Samantha Smylie '17 | Activism is the name of the game for 2015.

Just an Introvert, Livin' in an Extroverted World

posted by Simbarashe Runyowa '15 | My final winter term project is participating in the Oberlin Business Scholars Program. After all 11 participants took the Myers-Briggs test, it turns out I am the only introvert among us!

What I Know For Sure

posted by Emma Davey '18 | Yes, I am stealing my title from a monthly article that Oprah writes, but damn it, if it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for me.

Meet the LaunchU Team!

posted by Ty Diringer '14 | Here are the faces behind the brand.

An Intro to Entrepreneurship at Oberlin

posted by Ty Diringer '14 | Entrepreneurship at Oberlin has always seemed to be a bit of a paradox, but I suppose that depends on how you define "entrepreneur."

Fall 2014: Semester in Review

posted by Christie Krancer '18 | In which I look back on my experiences and thoughts during my first semester at college.

10 Things I'm Thankful For

posted by Tom Cline '18 | I come up with a list of what I'm thankful for, and realize I might have inadvertently redefined "home."

Interview: Responses to the Ferguson Decision on North and South Campus

posted by Christie Krancer '18 | When talking to my RA, Dominique Pearson, I learned that there were differences in responses to Ferguson depending on whether you lived on North or South campus. I decided to interview Dom and get their perspective on the divide between North and South campus.

Alas, Poor Frederick!

posted by McKinley Glasser '18 | ...I knew him well. But now I know what advice to give fellow freshman friends of flora.

"We Don't Really Know What We're Doing" - A Fall Outdoor Adventure

posted by Esther Espeland '17 | I had a truly wonderful fall break. And all because I learned the following nugget of information: Oberlin's Outings Club sponsors camping excursions during the fall and spring breaks.

A Weekend in Oberlin

posted by Emily Wilkerson '15 | "So what do you do on the weekends?"

Parents and Family Weekend!

posted by Tom Cline '18 | My family comes to Oberlin and my pug does not, I take my mom and brother to a co-op lunch and my brother to the 'Sco, and I visit Slow Train four times in a single weekend.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Talking

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Keeping up with the Plauts, or how I talked to my family when I was in college.

The Month of Halloween

posted by Radia Lahlou '18 | Thoughts on last-minute costumes, fall break, and candy.

Fishnets and Flannel

posted by Charlotte Ahlin '15 | Unsolicited advice from an unreliable source.

My Fall Break Away From Home

posted by Tom Cline '18 | When I decided to live with other people's families instead of my own, and travelled to Pennsylvania and New York.

Back At It

posted by Alexandria Cunningham '16 | Getting back to the grind on campus entails a lot. Let's have a conversation about mental health and wellness, specifically for returning folks.

Three College Fears I Have Conquered Thus Far

posted by Rachel Finn-Lohmann '18 | There's no denying that college is scary, especially as a freshman. But facing my fears in a new environment has been an incredibly gratifying experience.

My Week in Snapshots

posted by Tom Cline '18 | Musical/co-operative/snoozing/studying self portraits.

Directional Living

posted by Esther Espeland '17 | Every first-year feels differently about their living space, but where you live your first year of college doesn't have to define the freshman experience as a whole.

Functioning as a Freshman: The First Few Weeks on Campus

posted by Radia Lahlou '18 | I'd say things are going pretty smoothly. Or, you know, as smoothly as things can go for a first-year who has no clue what she's doing with her life and who still can't get her mailbox open on the first try.

I Try a Different Kind of Joyriding

posted by Alison Kronstadt '16 | You have to take your alone time when you can find it.

What I Did and What I'm Going to Do

posted by Alison Kronstadt '16 | Between roughing it in the woods on my own, getting myself to and from my job/internship every day, and being responsible for 30-odd children, this was one of the most grown-up summers I've ever had.

Where Have I Been?

posted by Karalyn Grimes '16 | More importantly, I learned how to take care of myself and be comfortable being me, with all that that entails, and am ready to return to class and campus this Fall.


posted by Ben Reid '16 | My summer in New York that included work, friends, family, and Beyonce.

Memories of Orientation

posted by Emily Wilkerson '15 | The first thing I remember about orientation is the excitement that came from constantly introducing myself to other people, telling them about my passions and interests and hearing about theirs in turn.

The Dog and Cat and Children Days of Summer

posted by Brendan Nuse '17 and Frances Casey '17 | Summer discoveries from across the country.

Winter Turmoil

posted by Peter D'Auria '14 | Reflections on friendship, Canada, the Oberlin experience, and wearing socks on your hands.

For New International Students, Or, When the Brochure Is Not Enuf

posted by Simbarashe Runyowa '15 | Incoming internationals, this one's for you. Welcome, my fellow non-residential aliens :)

You Should Know

posted by Griff Radulski '14 | Advice for you young whippersnappers, with some sentiment on the side.

Lessons Learned

posted by Brendan Nuse '17 and Frances Casey '17 | Some gleaming pearls of wisdom from rising sophomores.

I Try...Sophomore Year?

posted by Alison Kronstadt '16 | This school year has been one of the hardest I've ever experienced, but it's also probably been the year where my life looked the most like I wanted it to.


posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | Turns out going to college for four years means I have a lot to say about it.

Decision Day

posted by Griff Radulski '14 | For the procrastinators, from a procrastinator, with love for Oberlin and all you future Obies.

Oberlin Voices: Georgia

posted by Ben Reid '16 | Meet my friend Georgia!

A Day in the Life at Oberlin

posted by Brendan Nuse '17 and Frances Casey '17 | A never-ending thrill ride.

I Try Short Hair

posted by Alison Kronstadt '16 | I am learning that as long as I never limit the space of others, I am entitled to every inch of space that I take up.

A Bit About the Oberlin Experience — Virtually!

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | If you want to talk to real Oberlin students about real life, this is your chance! Read on for more information about our cool livestreamed virtual student panels!

Runnin' Away With Me

posted by Alexandria Cunningham '16 | Spring is slowly creeping in... do you need something fun to do? Then, take your pick of all the wonderful events coming up in April and May and enjoy your spring semester properly.


posted by Peter D'Auria '14 | OSCA is like a glistening gem, polished to perfection by a master gem-polisher.

Oberlin, Part I

posted by Brendan Nuse '17 and Frances Casey '17 | In which Brendan meets Frances, and Frances meets Brendan.

Scummin' It

posted by Anna Vernon '17 | "Dascomb has a charm about it, but that charm might just be us."

New Year, New Semester, New Vibes

posted by Tinni Bhattacharyya '16 | This new semester has brought with it many changes: new friends, new delicious discoveries, a new sense of home, and wonderful new families.

My Top 8 Reasons for Studying Abroad

posted by Simbarashe Runyowa '15 | My study abroad so far is teaching me that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

The Molar Vortex

posted by Peter D'Auria '14 | A weird layover/vacation. A layovacation, if you will. Or vacayover.

Celebrate Your Story

posted by Alexandria Cunningham '16 | It is Black History Month and as we celebrate the legacy of African American cultural heritage and experience nationwide, let us also find ways to connect that same history to our own Oberlin narratives.

Snowbody Likes the Person Who's Done First

posted by Andrea Allen '17 | My expectations for my surprise free days in Oberlin.

Finals Survival Guide 2013

posted by Margaret Saunders '16 | As if you needed an excuse to listen to the new Beyoncé album, anyway.

A Roundabout Conclusion Derived From an Exhausting Week

posted by Andrea Allen '17 | Having a solid, refreshing conversation about why you are doing all of the things makes them surprisingly easier to do.

How I Discovered Kuumba

posted by Alexandria Cunningham '16 | Kuumba means to always do as much as we can, in the way we can, to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

Meet My Friends: KAIA

posted by Tinni Bhattacharyya '16 | I'd like to introduce to all of you someone very special who has made Oberlin extra special, my friend Kaia!

On New-ness and Leaves

posted by Andrea Allen '17 | It's so easy to fix up a little routine and then stick to it, and so easy to forget that there's always so much more to explore.

The College Necessities: To Bring or Not to Bring?

posted by Anna Vernon '17 | That is the packing question.

How to Make Friends in College

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Collected advice from something like 50 people about how to tackle the overwhelming task of making friends in college.

Six Things I Didn't Expect to Love in College

posted by Margaret Saunders '16 | Including but not limited to: blended fruit juice, dusting, and voluntary exposure to more pollen than my allergies can handle.

On Taking a Gap Year

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | I asked four of my friends why they took a gap year, what they did during their gap year, and what personal value it has had to them. Here is what they had to say...

Go Small or Go Home

posted by Veronica Burnham '14 | In my hopes to convince my sister (and you, Oberlin prospies) that small schools are where it's at, I've compiled a short list of just a few of the reasons enumerating why going to a smaller school is the best.

For Prospies: An Interview to Make Your Decision Easier

posted by Karalyn Grimes '16 | In light of All Roads coming around once again, I'm writing about two first-years' college decisions and how they've worked out for us over the past year. So if you're a prospie viewing this page as you frantically try to decide before that May 1st deadline, read on!


posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | I want it to be summer.

Why Choose Oberlin?

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | If you have little more than a month to decide where you'll be spending the next four years of your life, and have received an acceptance letter from Oberlin, then read on. This post is for you.

Spring? What is that?

posted by Paris Achenbach '13 | Including photos of snow and studious students, but alas, no spring.

Impressions from a Yalie

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | My name is Aleena, and I am a Yalie... I spent my past week visiting Dara at Oberlin, and now I'd like to share my observations, because I truly believe that Oberlin is an incredible place, and it might be interesting hear about from a non-Obie perspective.

Grey Daze

posted by Ali Post '14 | or, beware the ides of March!

Don't Burst My Bubble!

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | It is really quite easy to mistake this place for a little snow globe, complete with picturesque buildings, tiny flakes of falling snow, and of course the glass sphere encasing it all.

An Open Letter to My Fellow Oberliners

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | This is my voice; it stands with you. I stand with you.

Get a Hobby

posted by Eleanor Bronder-Major '15 | Another obvious piece of advice that it took me a relatively long time to grasp.

An Argument for Vagrancy, an Argument for Home

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | My books, my clothes, my hair even, are scattered all over the place-- all over my room, my friends' rooms, my room in Tucson. It's hard not to be scatter-brained when everything else seemingly is.

Flying the Coop

posted by Griff Radulski '14 | For real this time. Here's why I'm leaving, and why I'm coming back.

Staying in Touch Was Never My Strong Suit

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | I have a great love for many of the people around me, but I don't do social. Reconciling those two facts is a battle that I'm not sure I'm winning.

A (my) Typical Weekday in Oberlin

posted by Karalyn Grimes '16 | I'll go with describing an average Thursday last semester, as that was my favorite day of the week.

A Conversation With Myself

posted by Ben Reid '16 | Freshman Ben answers Prospie Ben's questions about life at Oberlin.

Adorable Small Mammals of Oberlin

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | I was tempted to put in pictures of my shorter friends, but they don't sit still long enough--and one of them is taking Akido--so kittens, dogs, and squirrels will have to do.

What do we call me?

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | I don't think this is sappy enough to be my first 'I'm leaving Oberlin' post, so we'll just call it my pre-'I'm leaving Oberlin' post.

Soundtrack for Finals Week

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | The blog post of inspiring study music, also known as the "please don't sue me" post. Includes Sci-Fi Hall singing a Squidmas carol.

A Day in the Life of an Obie

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | Oberlin students are (in my ever so humble opinion) pretty unique in terms of their interests and how they spend their time in general. Here is my weekend in words and pictures.

Oberlin: Where the Bathrooms Aren't Gendered but the Food Is

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | If you're still following my train of logic here, which I can imagine some of you aren't, then you are probably thinking to yourself: okay, I get that. Hardly anyone has the genetic background from only one race, and I've seen people who change their sexual orientation. Fine. But gender? Can't you only really be one or the other?

T-break in T-Town

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | This blog is going to be a photo essay of the highlights of my trip back to Tucson (colloquially known to some as the "Dirty T," although I heartily refute this).

What I'm Thankful For Redux

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | My first semester here, I wrote/drew a blog post about Thanksgiving. I'm building on that for my final semester.

How Not to be the Other

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | It helps to arm yourself with information that both supports what you already know and also challenges what you believe.

The Perks of Living in Dascomb

posted by Ben Reid '16 | Why is Dascomb the best freshman dorm on campus?

Sleeping Roomie

posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | Leal, this one goes out to you.

What do Oberlin, University of Michigan, and Williams College all have in common?

posted by Paris Achenbach '13 | Perhaps more than you might think.

Fall in[to] My Blog!

posted by Paris Achenbach '13 | I promise this is the worst pun I will make. For now.

Urdu for the Frustrated English Speaker's Soul

posted by Margaret Saunders '16 | Did you know that in Urdu, there are at least two different ways of pronouncing 'th'? That English speakers are almost physically incapable of deepening their d's?


posted by Ben Reid '16 | Now I know we can't all be lucky enough to have a roommate whose biggest flaw is being a Yankees fan, but you can trust that the Oberlin ResEd department puts in a LOT of time to make sure that you and your roommate are a good match.


posted by Dara Lehrer '16 | Something has changed though now, I can feel myself really sinking in here.

Kittens. That You Can Touch!

posted by Mya Ballin '16 | There are kittens. Kittens that you can touch. A FIVE MINUTE WALK AWAY FROM CAMPUS. How awesome is that?

My Oberlin Birthday!

posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | Featuring a very cool rock!

Morning Routine, aka Websites You Should Know

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | In trying to become a more informed individual, I have given myself rather a lot of work, and I need an hour and half of time just to absorb all the media. I honestly don't mind getting up at seven.

My To-Do List

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | I love to make lists. My room is covered in them. Now my blog is too--a giant list of things to do before I graduate!

I'm Leaving Oberlin Early

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Like all the rest of the seniors, I have turned in my application to graduate. But, unlike most, I didn't check the box that says "May 2013." I'll be graduating in January.

one week in...

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | ...and we're swamped. happy first week of class!

You Get What You Put In

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | Don't try to be good at everything. Try something totally un-you.

Coming Home, or Somersaulting in the Passive Voice

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Coming back to Oberlin and commencing senior year--it happened surprisingly fast.

Oberlin Accounting

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | I have made an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of what I spend my money on. 81% goes to Oberlin and other necessities (airfare, textbooks, snowboots) and 11% to personal indulgences (goofy t-shirts, eating out). Is this a decent balance? I welcome your thoughts!

First Year Nerves

posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | And why you should forget them.

Oberlin Etiquette

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Remember, the cardinal rule of politeness is to make the other person comfortable. In some situations, this calls for dressing up and shaking hands. In others, it consists of yelling and backslapping. Among Klingons, you say whatever's on your mind and be prepared to back up your words in battle if necessary. And so on.

Non, but still profitable

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | I'm a Bay Area 501(c)(3) intern. Haay.

Somewhere over Oklahoma, where it's 9 pm EST and still hella bright outside

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | I actually have no idea where I am, this plane doesn't have those little TVs with the electronic map. What other states are in the central US? Kansas?

Commencing and things, part II

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | A letter to some boys I know.

Commencing and things, part I

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | May 21st through May 28th, a retelling.

Roller Coaster Adventures

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | In which I go to an amusement park with a group of friends, figure out what to do with a pile of free stuff, get mistaken for Guy's younger brother, and move into summer housing.

In My Room: The Positives and Negatives of My First-Year Experience

posted by Emily Wilkerson '15 | Spoiler alert: I started out without friends, ended up having a cool room, eventually made awesome friends, and witnessed some sustainability fails.

Grad Tips from a Pro

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Tips, tricks, and advice from a five-year Oberlin commencement/reunion veteran. The fun is upon us!

Obie Talk Shuts Down

posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better. Albert Camus, Defence of Freedom, 1960. This morning, I learned...

Agonizing over organizing

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | This is actually about my end-of-year schedule. However, I did have a friend who thought 'organizing' and 'antagonizing' were interchangeable when she was six: "Mommmmm, Michelle is organizing meeeeee."

Obie Talk

posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | Oberlin's dirty secret, and why it must be stopped.

Harry and the Potters Come to Oberlin, Part One

posted by Alanna Bennett '13 | And now we delve into one of the strangest, most exhilarating nights of my time here at Oberlin.

Sex and Editing

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | In which my hesitancy in both precludes me from a career in either.

Spring Break with President Clinton. But first, Hunger Games

posted by Simbarashe Runyowa '15 | The Clinton Global Initiative brought together over 1000 students, social entrepreneurs, and changemakers from around the world to Washington, DC, this weekend. But first, thoughts on the Hunger Games.

Abbie in Oberlin

posted by Emily Wilkerson '15 | My friend Abbie + Oberlin + gorgeous weather = an amazing time

Chinwe's Adventures in Eco-land

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | Not quite down the rabbit hole, just over on East Lorain Street.

Back to the Future

posted by Jacob Lamoureux '12 | ~ Congrats! We're delighted to inform you that you have been selected as a reader of this post... ~

AMAM and Co.

posted by Paul Buser '15 | We're almost out of water and electricity.

I am not a morning person, but I am a Cheerio person.

posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | First choice plain, second choice honey nut.

The Secret

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | What need I with pants?

Visual highlights from the semester that was

posted by Simbarashe Runyowa '15 | Orientation is a tidal wave of emotions interspersed with much shaking of hands and regurgitation of well-rehearsed soundbites ("Hi, I'm Simba. It's so nice to meet you. Where are you from?"). It was hands down the most fun part of the semester — they don't even tell you that you will have to go to class for the rest of your college career.


posted by Joe Dawson '12 | With some pretty provocative pictures inside...

Sort-of spontaneously situated in San Francisco

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | True Life: I'm in the Bay Area for Winter Term.

Becoming BFFs With Procrastination

posted by Alanna Bennett '13 | Designing your own winter term project is an exciting thing. You get a kind of freedom of form and topic in these projects that traditional semesters don't often offer. It can also be, in execution, a bit terrifying.

Let's hear you echo, 2011

posted by Sophia Chen '12 | Beer brewing, apocalyptic prophecies, Creed covers, Picassos, lasers, and of course, the Punch Brothers. A summary of my fall semester. Also, I apologize for the gross R. Kelly reference in the title. I don't know any better.

It's the Finals Breakdown...

posted by Jacob Lamoureux '12 | ~ dispatches from the last week ~

On Study Breaks

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | The last few weeks of the semester are always incredibly full with people working on final projects, last ExCo or club performances, studying their brains out, and attending study breaks to cram their brains back into their skulls.

Finals week in a nutshell.

posted by Sophia Chen '12 | boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away, beatin like a drum and it's comin your way, can't you hear that boom badoom boom boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass, boom badoom boom boom badoom boom he got that super bass


posted by Simbarashe Runyowa '15 | Final exams are upon us here at Oberlin College, which means I have acquired a fresh contingent of acquaintances. They are called Memorization and More Memorization, and, to use an American expression, we've gotten super-duper close lately.


posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Obies just make Thanksgiving better. I think that might sum up this entire post in one sentence.

A Thanksgiving First

posted by Simbarashe Runyowa '15 | Unsurprisingly, it turned out that sometime last week was Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I really should have been aware of this, given that my obsession with the festivities surrounding this November supper run astonishingly deep for someone who grew up in Zimbabwe where turkeys, if they ever existed there, had probably long buckled under societal pressure and just converted themselves into either chickens or cows or zebras in order to fit in.

Oberlin: A Fruit Exposé - Part 2

posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | Where I run out of things to say about fruit and keep talking. Please do not read if you're in a serious mood.

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

posted by Emily Wilkerson '15 | It's just like Julie Andrews says (sort of), "I simply list some of my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!"

The Harry Potter ExCo: A Preview

posted by Alanna Bennett '13 | November means many things for Oberlin: the typical college leaf piles, a strange flip-flopping in the weather from early-fall-crispness into Winter Is Coming ominousness. It also means that ExCo applications are due.

A Few Thoughts on Safe Spaces

posted by Ruby Saha '14 | What's a safe space, you ask? Good question. I'm not sure either.

Fall Break, Take Two: Boston Edition

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | The continued description of my second Fall Break as an Obie, in which I walk a dozen miles a day, eat incredibly well, and don't get nearly enough sleep.

Fall Break, Take Two: Oberlin Edition

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | An illustrated description of my second Fall Break as an Obie, in which I hang out with a staggering amount of fellow bloggers, eat incredibly well, and fall even more in love with Oberthings.


posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | You are never, ever too old to trick-or-treat.

Flight of Passage

posted by Jacob Lamoureux '12 | Ain't it funny how the night moves? And the day? And the weeks?


posted by Ruby Turok-Squire '16 | The womb chair, taken on the macro-scale, is an analogy for the soft, supportive, wonderful, dreamy bubble of Oberlin.

A Normal Study Break

posted by Paul Buser '15 | I never intended to end up on the roof of Peters. It just happened.


posted by Sophia Chen '12 | This year, I didn't get into a co-op. Where was I going to get my weekly serving of granola? How could I say goodbye to the cinder block-sized bricks of cheese that arrived every Wednesday? Was I going to waste away trying to cook all my meals for myself?


posted by Joe Dawson '12 | One needs laser sights attached to their clown wigs. Am I trying to do too much?

The Little Flashmob That Could

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | Remember when I said I "will often go to mildly extravagant lengths to craft a present"? That might have been an understatement.

Chalkboard Blogging

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Explanation: I showed up at a bloggers' meeting without my computer, but with my camera. I was going to chat for a bit and then go, but Ma'ayan pointed out that there was a chalkboard in the room and challenged me to tell a story in nothing but photos. This is the result.

My last first semester

posted by Sophia Chen '12 | Why do I feel like a crazy person? I am a senior now. Oberlin, even with the all-nighters, the snowy Aprils, the death icicles looming on my roof, mouthfuls of saltless co-op lentils, has been nurturing me this whole time with arms wide open. Oberlin and I have been spooning for three and a half years, and I'm about to be kicked out of bed into a pair of knobbly hobbit-shoes.

The Inauguration

posted by Christine Chang '13 | My schedule in summary - which is more or less tacit apology for not blogging sooner, or more often.

True Confessions of an Oberachiever

posted by Eli Goldberg '12 | Scheduling everything was like playing a game of Tetris: staring at the little colored blocks on Google Calendar and wondering where I could make another one fit.

Zombies on campus

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Zombies, Nerf guns, and many pictures. What else could you want?

Get Your Swag On

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | We may not wear our Oberlin pride as sleeve tattoos, but we will drape them on our torsos in a wide array of colors and designs.

I've Been Back For . . .

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | A batch of chai cinnamon rolls, a pan of brownies, a Cat cookie, a night of playing with glow poi, a contra dance, three textbook sales, many books, many friends.

Hello Goodbye

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | In which I very belatedly introduce myself so that we can be friends.

Countdown to Commencement?

posted by Helena Thompson '11.5 | And then, all of a sudden, I was a fifth-year. Here we go again!



I'm Waiting for the Day

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | Vorfreude, n. f: German for the anticipation of future joy, as in the week preceding Christmas, or just before all of your friends return for another year in Oberlin.

Chinese Students Association wants YOU

posted by Sophia Chen '12 | I go to CSA when I need a shoulder to cry on or a piece of roast pork to eat. And I learn about Chinese culture in the process.

Be More Than Social

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | Uncertainty built in us varying degrees of anxiety, excitement, and anticipation about this tremendous life change we were about to undergo. The playing field was fairly level; none of us knew anything.

Summer Hobbies

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Last week, I wrote about the work I'm doing this summer. However, summer is also about fun, and I've been having lots of that. PLUS: My brother is a genius.

This is the first year of the rest of your lives

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | Your parents aren't lying, college IS the bee's knees and all that. I'm just making sure you start it off right, okay!?

Like riding a bike

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | I am proof that not all liberal arts college students get everywhere by bike. Now I am finally learning how to ride one.

Long Distance

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | All about Long Distance Relationships! With visual aids from animal friends and medical anomalies! Also, some kind of sobering words about your prospects for success! YAY!!!!

A Day in the Life

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | My summer in Oberlin: a wonderland of busy.

On (the Bike) Co-op(s)

posted by William Passannante '14 | Moscow (the bike, not the city) needed fixing.


posted by Brandi Ferrebee '10 | My other life.

How to Use Your Summer Vacation

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | This summer, I'm not just odd-jobbing: I'm also nannying, spinning poi, watching my brother play baseball, reading . . . And other people are doing other things!

One last wade in the nostalgia pool

posted by Sophia Chen '12 | I'm cyber-wallowing in tearful joy at the new crop of Oberlin grads. Lots of metaphorical drinking in this one.

Oberlin Secrets

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Quick, name Oberlin's school colors. If you said crimson and gold, you owe me $5.

The Llama Proposal

posted by Elizabeth Houston '06, Admissions | The proposal llama is one of several esoteric hand symbols used during co-op discussions at Oberlin. Here is the story of how it originated.

Living with Strangers

posted by Griff Radulski '14 | Alumni - you'll remember, fondly, friends like these. Prospies, I guarantee you you will make some.

My Weekend, In Summary

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | A highlight: the dessert contest, with categories such as hottest dessert, coldest dessert, and most fractal (largest surface area to volume ratio) dessert.

Cake and Circuses

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | The Romans would offer bread and circuses to distract the public from real issues and keep them happy. Similarly, I am writing about pleasant things to avoid working on finals.

A Happy Insanity, or, What I Did Last Weekend (Mostly Improv-Related)

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Friday was improv and Japanese chess. Saturday was an improv workshop. Sunday was an improvised steampunk dinner party. Yes, there are pictures.

Things I Miss About High School

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | But, really, looking at the stars at 1:30 AM is always going to be more fun than writing a paper, even if said paper is about mummies.

Oberlin Comics: Silliness and Sickness

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Having a sense of humor helps a lot when you're sick. So do cartoons and silly puzzle-solving video games.

Mr. Riley Comes A-Callin'

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | If you were my friend and came to visit Oberlin, this is what we would do together.

You got a friend in me

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | My college friends are truly great. Really. Plus they could totally beat up your college friends.

New Vistas and Tough Choices

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Oberlin is an active, interesting place. For students, it is a great boon and a great tragedy: among all the wonderful opportunities we have, we must confront and accept the fact that we will never be able to explore them all.


posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Sometimes there's so much going on in a twenty-four hour period that it seems like I should just talk about my day because it gives a hint as to what's happening every day at Oberlin.

Smooth Move

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | My friend Tino and I debuted our 'Single Ladies' dance, and Twister didn't rehash awkward puberty memories, ending the party with my tears and cries of emotional pain, like it very easily could have.

C is for cookie!

posted by Helena Thompson '11.5 | Rue made cookies. We decorated them. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

You've Got Mail

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Since it's Winter Term right now, I've slacked off a little bit on my mail checking routine because the inflow of mail is even less than normal.

Being Christian at Oberlin

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | As is the case in many liberal circles, Christianity tends to conjure up images of repression, Jesus camp, and conservatives.

Christmas Revelations

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | On existing outside of Oberlin, Oberlin affecting my thinking, thinking about food, and food for thought.

Sounds of Oberlin

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | Pretty much the fall semester of the sophomore year, in song. Almost like a musical. Almost.

A Women's Hall Anecdote

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Upon entering the hallway, I was greeted by the site of an overflowing water pitcher.

Oberlin is for cat lovers

posted by Sophia Chen '12 | After a grueling semester, sometimes I find myself only able to think about cats.

Events at Oberlin.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | Detailing the wide array of events that can happen on Oberlin's campus - within a single semester!

Finals! Featuring: Festivity and Friends

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | Why finals week is actually radtastic (despite copious amounts of stress, procrastination, and caffeine).

Why I haven't posted in four weeks

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | My excuse for not blogging regularly: I have been HELLA busy. What I've been up to, things my friends have introduced me to, and pictures of me fishing for college students with candy in the library.

I've almost survived finals

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | So that's what I did for all of reading period, in between taking naps on the couch or the ground and briefly going to Stevenson or DeCafe to procure food.

Oh my god finals.

posted by Christine Chang '13 | I come to a brief interlude in my studying frenzy to wish you all the best of luck on finals and winter term exploits. Study well, eat well, sleep well, and be merry. Or try.

The Happy Birthday Blog, or How I Became a Birthday Planner

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | In which I explain Oberlin birthdays and share a recipe for chocolate cake for a crowd.


posted by Christine Chang '13 | For the past 14 hours, this post has consisted of: "Tumblr needs to load so I can access my post and actually post it. How long is this site maintenance going to go on?" and Ma'ayan's reply: "I don't know but Tumblr is part of my job so this is terrible :( <3M." But now there is actual content!

Fiercegiving 2010

posted by Patrick Doherty '11 | I am happy to say that this Thanksgiving I am thankful for my wonderful Oberlin friends and my Oberlin family. I don't know what I would do without them. Let Fiercegiving endure forever!


posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I got a little overzealous and started talking about action items for the people who are going to stay at Oberlin during Winter Term. My co-chairs very quickly shot me down and said we'd figure that out later.

New York (fun) Times

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | A sampling of Thanksgiving, in which my senses are assaulted, a friend's family welcomes, feeds, and houses some Obies, and I despise buses.

Giving thanks for the brevity of this holiday.

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | Thanksgiving break: A reminder that the end of semester is so close, yet so far away.


posted by Christine Chang '13 | An abbreviated list of Oberlin eccentricities...I'm sure there are many more, though.

Miss Yanisch Goes to Washington

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | At long last, the thrilling conclusion to my Fall Break adventure: the Rally to Restore Sanity! Warning: contains a ludicrous number of pictures of protest/polite-dissension signs.

To be or not to be Oberlin

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | When we finally parted ways, it struck me almost immediately that Oberlin is not just a town where I drive to work five days a week.

No-shave October?

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | Because I clearly wasn't ready to handle No-shave November.

Those Industrious Chipmunks

posted by Christine Chang '13 | Life after fall recess is that puzzling combination of stress and happiness at being stressed. I don't know how that's possible. Also: some unsolicited advice on why not to panic over course registration.

Maximum Silliness Achieved

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | The week sprinted by like Usain Bolt riding a sugar high.

Ms. McLaughlin goes to Washington

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | And while we walked, we were treated to sights such as this: Simón Bolívar.

More about that fall break thing

posted by Dan Redwood '13 | I just spent a successful afternoon stimulating the economy. Hello, consumerism.

New York, New York: Tiger Cubs and Wooden Escalators

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | An inexcusable number of photographs and anecdotes about visiting the Empire State Building, the Museum of Natural History, the Bronx Zoo, and more.

Reflections upon the lovelier times during midterms week

posted by Sophia Chen '12 | Midterms week wasn't entirely terrible. In fact, I blocked out all the bad moments, so in fact, midterms week was awesome.

Fall Break in Oberlin

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | From one Obie to another: if you really want to take a break from life during a school break, the easiest way to do it is to stay put.

New York: Birds, Buildings, and Bridges

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Thanks to a rather complex sequence of events, I'm spending Fall Break in New York City, which means this blog is basically one long gush about how awesome my life is right now. Also, THE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT is finally made.

We can do it

posted by Megan Emberton '12 | The buzz and hum of worry and work-work-work is palpable, noticeable.

Things that have blown my mind this fall

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | A blog about exciting things going on at Oberlin--mostly focusing on convocations--plus a Very Important Announcement at the end.

It's Friday Night

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | A day--or rather a night--in the life of an Obie.

Thermo, thermo, thermo, thermo, Mahler, thermo...

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | As soon as we sat down, I was struck by the overwhelming need to pull out my thermo textbook and continue working.

49 Things: A Week in the Life

posted by Abby Ryder-Huth '13 | Seven (hopefully sometimes interesting) things a day. Seven days. This is what I did with my week.

A Beginner's Guide to Oberspeak, Oberlin Acronyms, and More

posted by Helena Thompson '11.5 | I learned a whole new language upon matriculating at Oberlin. Here's your crash course!


posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | I did a lot of stuff in my first year of college, activities that people usually don't get into until their later years. But more relaxed involvement takes me longer--it is, in fact, my big goal for this year.

Welcome Back: A Comedy of Errors

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | In which our spunky heroine returns to Oberlin, catches a shuttle bus, forgets to retrieve her blankets, gets locked out of her room, and doesn't have any contact lens solution--but everything works out fine.

Why College is Different From High School

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | College is not practice like high school is practice.

Week one: no classes and already behind?

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I thought I would have a pretty relaxing week, during which I could do things like unpack, hang up posters, and read all the YA novels that are still on my 'to read' list. That's not what's happened.

Brief Thoughts on Orientation

posted by Will Mason '10 | I spent most of orientation waiting for it to be over.

The hipster's dilemma.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | An alternative take on the alternative.

Come to Oberlin, get free stuff.

posted by Eli Goldberg '12 | Oberlin is probably the best place in the world to find recycled, reused, free (or insanely cheap) stuff. So before you hitch a ride to Wal-Mart, here are a few places to get to know...

Final Words of Advice

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | During Orientation and the first few days of class, remember: relax. Awkwardness is diffused when neither person is more savvy than the other--and you will all be equally clueless, I assure you. (And you MUST bring some kind of academic planner!)


posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | The shirt didn't really serve its purpose... Nevertheless, the day got me thinking about my own Freshman Orientation.

Facing the Facebook Facts

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Facebook isn't how college will be, but it'll still be your one of your favorite procrastination devices when you get there.

via Las Vegas

posted by Harris Lapiroff '10 | On coming home.

The Newsies

posted by John West '10 | In this post: freshman rituals, changed names, sneaking out of windows, newspapers, The Review security notebook, and much, much more!

What (not) to bring

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | The photo-illustrated "do"s and "don't"s of packing for Oberlin. Hints: no cats, no grout, and no prom dresses.

"Dating" and other tricky words

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | "Is there such a thing as playing the field anymore? Is there a middle ground between a couple and a hookup? Because it sure doesn't look like it." I think that there should be.

Hey roomie

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Well, no. I'm not actually going to talk about sex. Not no never. I've always been a believer that sex is sort of like music. You don't talk about making it. If you're good at it you don't talk about it. If you talk about it, you're not good at it.

Home: Family and Landscape

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | I live in a beautiful part of the world. Outside, there are trees and Puget Sound; inside, there are approximately 4,000 books and a family of clever, quirky people.

Defining Oberlin (and more funny photos)

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | An explanation of various conceptual categories, mostly related to SF Hall, delivered with my trademark wit and witticism. Bonus: further photographic evidence that I was a very strange child!

The Hipster School?

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | On stereotypes, underlying truths, how college is different from high school, and why we are (and aren't) a hipster school.

A time for...

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | This week, no matter how it manifests itself, is worth missing sleep.

Cross-College Comparisons: Caltech

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | And now, news from our intrepid correspondent, who has left the comfortable craziness of a small liberal arts college to brave the rather different craziness of an even smaller technical school!

The Dating Game

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | On dating at Oberlin, the agony and ecstasy of relationships, why I hate summer, and love. Stupid, horrible, crazy love.

Dear women's hall, you're the best

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Then, abruptly, the year ended. Everyone went home.

On the size of the campus

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | The thing is, I know there are more people out there than the ones I see around all the time.

A Whirlwind Wrap-Up

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | The last week of my first year at college--sniff!--went by far too quickly in a blur of studying and packing. There were last hurrahs with friends and final exams. And then, quite suddenly, everything was over.

Key Moments (Part II)

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | A few more I LOVE OBERLIN moments.


posted by John West '10 | In this post: skunks, skunk orgies, band names unbecoming of Baroque ensembles, indescribable smells, the philosophy of Eeyore, the curse of the Obie, and much, much more.


posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | Is it overload, or are Oberlin students just that driven?

Nude no more!

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | Sadly, this post is not about nudity, but about the Oberlin Apparel Design Challenge. Is that enough of a consolation prize?

Key Moments (a senior getting sentimental)

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | Times in recent memory where my brain has screamed I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW LUCKY I AM TO GO HERE

The Only Cure is More Oberlin!

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Some advice from a student who wished she could have visited Oberlin during All Roads and has subsequently enjoyed every All Roads since follows here.

How I learned to stop worrying and love Contra Dance.

posted by Harris Lapiroff '10 | Before college, I never danced. Now, I dance all the time. What could possibly be responsible for this 180° change‽


posted by Joe Dawson '12 | I started out this semester with the idea that I would declare Biology or Engineering as my major and get cracking on the classes I needed to fulfill the major requirements. This was to be my buckling down semester, full of sciences and maths of various shapes and flavors.

In Defense of Oberlin

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | As part Oberlin public relations obsessor, part awesome big sister, I made beautiful detailed schedules that kept Ben busy and experiencing all the best things Oberlin had going on this weekend.

The Best of All Possible Worlds

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Of Ohio weather, Candide, and the humor inherent in losing my voice.

Midterms, break, and what comes next

posted by Helena Thompson '11.5 | A brief update. (read: I'm procrastinating and decided to write a blog post instead of my midterm paper.)

Top Five Reasons Why Helena Hates Spring

posted by Helena Thompson '11.5 | Title's pretty self-explanatory.

Prospie Perspective

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | So, applicants to Oberlin will be notified of their acceptance in about a month, right? Gosh I'm glad I don't have to worry about that crap anymore.

Interdisciplinary Extracurriculars

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Oberlin is more than living up to my expectations about both interdisciplinary material and extracurricular opportunities. However, I must say that I never expected the two to combine as they have in my life. That is to say, I'm finding that skills I've learned working on improv are helping me with my genre fiction writing.

4-Down, an ode to crosswords

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | Free New York Times, talented friends, and Oberlin's love of puzzles.

4th in the Nation: An Improv Odyssey

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | --Except, you know, without the whole lasting-twenty-years thing. And no ships or witches or gods. And an indoor swing. (The place we stayed was possibly the best part, which is not an insult to the Chicago College Improv Tournament--the place was just awesome.)

First week back!

posted by Sam Jewler '10 | In my first week back I'm learning about the Supreme Court and revisiting the time I ate strange pig parts in Spain.

On scheduling sleep, showers, and sustenance...

posted by Helena Thompson '11.5 | Sounds like the subject matter of a "You know you're an Oberlin student when..." joke, am I right?

Talk to Me

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | This experience taught me that new and improved doesn't mean it's better. Faster is not always efficient. Cool is not always pertinent. Flashy can simply be annoying.

Uniquely Oberlin

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | For 2010, resolve to learn more about Oberlin, try things that are uniquely Oberlin, experience things that you can only do in Oberlin.


posted by Joe Dawson '12 | "My manager told me, Mitch, don't use alcohol as a crutch. I can't use alcohol as a crutch because a crutch is something that helps me walk. Alcohol severely f____ up the way I walk. It's more like the step I didn't see." --Mitch Hedberg

Pranks, Pottery, and Hiding Places

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | Since freshman year, I've known we have a Pottery Co-op. I've seen the bowls; I've had tea in their mugs. But until now, I've had no idea where it is. (Warning: entry includes pranking photos, ray guns, and violence to bicycles.)

Snow! Finals! Fun!

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Plus a note on ObieTalk, which was written last and comes first, because it's most helpful to you prospies.

Finals Week Woes

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | Why is it that the one time of year we're too busy to do anything we are presented with a plethora of incredible performances and events?

Baby, it's cold outside!

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | ... but life at Oberlin continues at its usual pace.

Rock on

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | Oberlin has a tradition that is not daring but endearing. It's probably not among the oldest but it is recurring. And I had a chance to experience this innocuous tradition first hand.

What I'm Thankful For

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | . . . in a style reminiscent of XKCD!

When the cat's away...

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | And we also borrowed my RA's beanbag chair.

Plot twists, or "And then I got sad"

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | A tradition at Barrows where residents watch movies with twist-endings every Sunday night. Also, an update on Chelsea the Bike.

Busy, dizzy, rode a Tin Lizzy. Got to school and had a pop quizzy.

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Nothing about the title actually describes the content of this entry. Except 'Busy' and 'got to school.' Sorry, but titles are tough, dudes.

Steal Away

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | At Oberlin, I believe the library is synonymous with academic rigor, intellectual stimulation, computers, socializing, networking, and to some degree relaxing.

All These Things That I Have Done

posted by Kriti Godey '11 | In this post, I talk about exciting things that have happened to me over the past couple of weeks.

Busy, Busy, Busy--Now with Working Pictures! :)

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | A list of the things I've been doing and thinking about this week, including Nazgul costumes, three lectures, and accidentally screwing up the basis of democracy.

Like a Toblerone.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | Halloween, laughing at myself, adjusting to my new "ruggedness," and lots of probable cavities.

Ad astra

posted by Helena Thompson '11.5 | We spent the next couple hours of the evening lying in the street, silently taking in this new gift - one blink at a time.

The Story of My Epic Roadtrip: Part Two

posted by Kriti Godey '11 | Kriti and Adam were last seen in a Days Inn outside of Charlotte, NC. What will they do next? Find out in the next few paragraphs as we catch up with them on Tuesday, October 20.

The Ongoing Story of My Epic Roadtrip: Part One

posted by Kriti Godey '11 | "Let's go on a roadtrip over fall break! We shouldn't make any plans - just get into the car and go!" "The South! I've never really been there, and I've always wanted to."

He Cooks, He Cleans

posted by Will Mason '10 | Adventures in domesticated living.

Map May Not Be To Scale

posted by Harris Lapiroff '10 | Hello, Fall Recess.

The end of the world as we know it

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I turned back to my computer to further my electronic communication, and found everyone offline. So I refreshed the page. And it never came back.

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me...

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | ...but it wouldn't have mattered because I probably wouldn't have listened anyways.

We are Gryffindor. fearless

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Of school colors and Substance-Free Housing, neither of which is lame in the slightest.

Going to the Chapel

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | Upon entering the chapel in the old stone building, I was struck by the intimacy of the space and the acoustics. Although I had been to Bosworth several times, this was my first time inside the chapel.

Karl & Chelsea: A love story between boy and bike.

posted by Karl Orozco '13 | (The G-Rated version)


posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... Oh, hello there. I was just thinking about some of my favorite things here at Oberlin. Oh, I delight in hairless monkeys, Cathy comics, putting rubbing alcohol in my eyes, and above all, some great places to hang out in Oberlin.

A milestone

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | I've had talks that involved intellectual topics sprinkled in among fart jokes, and discussions in class led by teachers about a particular topic of study, but no stereotypical smart talk with a lot of words like "neoclassical," "zeitgeist," and....

The Orientation Engine Has Left the Station

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | As I mentioned before, I was back early as an academic ambassador, a friendly, name-tag-emblazoned helpful upperclassman to help the overwhelmed freshmen during their first academic duties. Other than the perk of arriving back on campus early, I got to meet a number of extraordinary new students.

The Students Are Coming, the Students Are Coming

posted by John West '10 | In this post: summer projects, the end of summer projects, things one learns in the summer, Infinite Monkey, homemade bookcases, X-Men, produce stands in rural Ohio, pictures of my apartment.

Over the past week

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I've also been crashing international students' events.

International Orientation

posted by Charles Grim, Admissions | Our new crop of international students arrived late last week and began international orientation Saturday evening.


posted by Will Mason '10 | A wish list for Fall semester.

Packing a Punch

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | A few words of advice mixed with my nostalgic ramblings of yore.

The Secret Lives of Coffee Mugs

posted by John West '10 | In this post: coffee mugs, unions (viz. Teamsters and AFSCME), near-death experiences, pictures I may or may not have incorrectly uploaded even though I've been given two sets of instructions on how to upload photos because I'm practically a Luddite, Oberlin vignettes.

Shining Time Orientation

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Some advice for freshmen, their parents, and current students about orientation... pack your bags and tissues; it'll be a wild ride!

Helpful Hintz, Yo!

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | There is no required reading for freshmen at Oberlin, but a quick flip through Lord of the Flies could be real helpful.

More things that still hold true

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | It can't rain ALL the time, you're thinking, and that's quite true. It snows or hails by way of variety.

Sometimes I pretend to be a photographer

posted by Chris Gollmar '10 | Sometimes, when I have just a bit of extra time on my hands, I take out my camera and see what interesting sights I can capture.

Dining hall conversations

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Once we'd finished eating, we parted ways, and I expected not to see her again, unless we wound up in a class together somewhere down the road.

Information through the ages

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | There are two main types of social life in Oberlin: (1) the inexpensive, and (2) the not-so-inexpensive.

Recipes for Summertime, Part One

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | No matter how far away you go from Oberlin, you're still going to crave it.

Parallel Universes

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I have just passed the two week point of being home for the summer. And since this is an Oberlin blog, this is about what's different at my summer home and my Oberlin home.

A vignette from finals week

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Luck, however, was with us, in the form of a front loader.

I Disagree

posted by John West '10 | In this post: potentially job ending disagreement, politics at Oberlin, liberal ironists vs. liberal revolutionaries, debates to stay up late for, Fox News, and please don't fire me.

A glorious return: Commencement Week shenanigans

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | There's a flower shop on S. Main that writes a different name on their sign every day, and if you are blessed with that particular name, you get a free flower. I had never seen my own name until this past Commencement.

We Are the Hand Claps

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | If there is one thing I learned how to do better at Oberlin that wasn't advertised at first was that I am now very good at applause.


posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Really, the only solution was to stay up until around 3:00 AM, listening to hit songs from the nineties, reading picture books, and learning the proper way to put on bangles.

Life in a Cardboard Box

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Remember how I mentioned there are all these distractions during reading period and finals? Ah, yes, there is another one I failed to mention earlier, and that is PACKING.

The Semester in Numbers

posted by Will Mason '10 | Two more years until I graduate. (Well, three more semesters to be precise, but either way I'm over the hump.) Good thing? Bad thing? There's a saying I've heard a couple of times up in central Maine that I love: "Tough tellin', not knowin'." But I'm enjoying the ride more and more every day. Ayuh.

It's the end of the year. No, really.

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | "Zoë," one girl said, "You're halfway done with college." It didn't seem possible. It still doesn't. And, of course, it's true.

Breakfast in my PJs, knitting parties, Oberlin Christian Fellowship, & kittens

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | There's something cool about occupying spaces that have so much history in them, so many Obies who've lived there in the past...

Identity Crisis

posted by Will Mason '10 | Does being a double degree student make you less of a musician? Less of a scholar?

Fantasies of Senior Year

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | As my time in Arizona draws to a close, my thoughts drift away from the mountains of work I have to do to how excited I am for senior year at Oberlin. Here are some of my top fantasies.

4:30 a.m. shenanigans, karaoke Tuesday, and the dating scene at Oberlin

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | Picture three of us lying on our backs with our heads on each other's stomachs, listening to the birds waking up, and talking about life after college.

On Team Sports and Team Shirts

posted by Daniel Tam-Claiborne '09 | Incredibly disillusioned by my middle school experience--finishing my season on the second string basketball team with a total of two rebounds and a steal--I was hopeful that college could renew my muddled notions about playing basketball for something bigger than myself.

All Roads: Behind the Scenes

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | As I am employed as a tour guide, admissions intern, and creative writing intern, "All Roads" is pretty busy for me. Besides tours, info sessions, and panels, I saw Reefer Madness, sunbathed, and contra danced.

There is Nothing Depressing in this Post

posted by John West '10 | In this post: blogger pizza parties, ritualistic animal sacrifice, more Mad Max, The Bell Jar, happy things, literal clowns, figurative sharks, pacts with readers.

Addicted to Bad Ideas: Punk-Metal-Rap-Ska Music Shows

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | Tonight: Music party at Harkness, with Andrew Gombas, Birthday Kids, and Dos Mil Días De Fuego. Before that, I saw Spring Back, a dance show, so it's been... a long night. My ears hurt. My thighs hurt. I am super-duper happy.

Once upon a time I was an admitted student

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | I read that sentence again and again, then ran outside to my backyard, where my dad was doing some spring yard work and making pleasant small talk with the neighbors over the fence, and I promptly yelled to the skies, "I'm going to college!"

Organs Get Me Pumped

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | For the record, I am already scared of this story, but hearing it retold in such a dark and echoey space, preluded by an organ piece played in a dark room, well, it was amazing and nerve-wracking. It was the coolest shoot I've even been involved in.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is an Average Day?

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | One of the questions I get on tours is "What's an average day like, for an Oberlin student?" This is, of course, one of the most difficult questions ever.

Reese's-Puffs-inspired musing on lists

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | I'm pretty sure I can directly trace my penchant for list-making to the beginning of college. Something about Oberlin has not only forced me to develop stellar time management skills (which, okay, has gone hand in hand with fine-tuning my procrastination abilities) but has also inspired me to think, dream, and plan big.

Dread! Dismay! Zeitgeist!

posted by John West '10 | In this post: doom, gloom, our inevitable demise, American Ragnarök, Funky Winkerbean, armed revolution, barbarians at the gates, political Pentecostalism.

Uncle OSCA Wants YOU To Scrub the Toilets!

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I got into Harkness co-op the summer before my freshman year and have stayed loyal to the Harkness flag ever since. This year, I think I am the oldest and most experienced veteran Harkness resident. Just call me Auntie Harkness.

That Last Day Before Break

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | You know that one, the one where you're scrambling to get things done and say goodbye to everyone, and y'know, pack? I like that day, but I don't.

Mammoth Cave: the longest entry in the world.

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | Spring break in Mammoth Cave! Featuring: flutes, food, camping, kodama, hiking and super-cool people.

Back on the homestead

posted by Chris Gollmar '10 | When it comes to breaks, I use them as time to relax and recharge, which means I tend to ignore any classwork I've brought along in my suitcase.

Getting to know Cleveland, Part II

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | As fun as the leprechaun cookies and green jello shots were, the best aspect of the day, for me, was the mass of adorable little kids running around. Little kids - much like pets, parents, and well-stocked refrigerators - are something you miss out on when you're away at college...

RJD2 =/= R2D2

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Oberlin is a mecca for all things music, and not just because of the Conservatory. Cool awesome bands and musicians are here all the time, at a fraction of the cost of most performances in the real world.

Al Franken and Garrison Keillor have Endorsed this Blog Post

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Inside, podcasts of A Prairie Home Companion ushered Keepers and visitors into the dining room where we filled our plates and other eating receptacles with hamburger noodle hotdish, green bean casserole, wild rice, powdermilk biscuits, and jello with Swedish fish before heading outside to the sunshine.

Yay sun! (and bikes, history, and tree climbers)

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | I'm not even a huge history buff, but there's something stirring to the soul about stumbling across an old, crumbling stone and barely being able to make out the engraved letters: Born a slave, died free.

Housing (or, new methods of procrastination)

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | It must have looked pretty odd--all those mini lanterns hanging from tree limbs and about five of us with cans of spray paint looking like members of a graffiti ExCo, but you get my point.

The Life of a Journalist...Go!

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Working for a paper is exciting at times. Going without sleep comes with the territory.

Selling Yourself: The Oberlin Dating Game

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | It was by far one of the more entertaining things one could have done on Valentine's Day, and it was for a good cause. There are only so many ways to make free chocolate taste better, and that's having it come out of your nose from laughing too hard.

Time to Breathe

posted by Emily Robinson '12 | Every time I look at my day planner, I get a little bit freaked out. With the 22 credit hours worth of work I am doing this semester, calendar can get a bit crazy.

Ernest Takes A Computer Science Class

posted by Will Mason '10 | Remember those "Ernest" movies from the late 80's...

Intellectual Community

posted by Prof. Sebastiaan Faber | My colleagues and I looked at each other in astonishment. No, we mumbled almost apologetically, we're sorry, but that is not a problem we tend to have.

The Oberlin Theater Club

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | There is, in fact, only one magical way to schedule all the performances (AND hit every single "Welcome back to a new semester! We missed you!" activity AND manage to see all your friends who you missed all of winter term... which can all coincide sometimes).

ExCo Madness

posted by Emily Robinson '12 | Since I first sat back down at my desk last Saturday, I had this whole blog perfectly planned out.

In loving memory of summer

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | I've already got crazy nostalgia for the long, lazy summer days spent lounging in the hammock on our porch, the nights of impromptu jam sessions with my more musically inclined friends, the smell of freshly baked bread rising up from our kitchen.

Circus Parties and Finales

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | We were getting bedraggled, after countless handstands, cartwheels, and rope climbs. Yet as the weeks wound down, we got closer and closer as a group.

Conquering my fear of readings

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | She told me how excited she was about the reading, and went on with something to the effect of: "I feel like all you creative writing majors have this separate writing world you live in sometimes. It's obviously such a huge part of your lives, and yet most of the rest of us never get to be a part of it."

A Resolution of an Oberlin Student

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I've been running this entire last year on pure adrenaline. I know why, though, and it's because the life of an artist is a long and penniless road.

Finals Week

posted by Prof. Steve Volk | Rarely are student and faculty Circadian rhythms more out of sync than at the end of a semester.

Free at Last, Free at Last

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | It took putting 3 ten-page papers, a five-page paper and two exams behind me to realize that I just might miss this ol' place after all.

The Last Week

posted by John West '10 | This utter lack of warmth and sun, combined with the rampant insomnia and overwhelming amount of work, makes the campus seem less like sweet, pastoral, rural Ohio and more like a scene from Doctor Zhivago.

Study 2.0

posted by Chris Gollmar '10 | Today was my final exam for History of Argentine Music. This is how my studying unfolded on Twitter.

In which I relocate to the Asia House lounge

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I've gained a certain amount of respect - if not understanding - for mass spectrometry and I've begun to understand how the microwave in the kitchen works, at least for making Ramen noodles.

Cultivating a passion for globetrotting

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | We also had an accidental four-hour stay in Bratislava, but hey, spontaneity and learning to roll with it is part of the adventure of traveling.

Midnight Mudd

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | I neglected to utilize the lock on the bathroom once, and it became uncomfortably non-private in the middle of my activities within.

Don't do your homework

posted by Max Strasser '09 | Sometimes you have to remind yourself that your education is not just about classes, homework, papers and tests.

A Very Oberlin Thanksgiving

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | During fall orientation, while moving all my belongings from storage to my room, I got a phone call inviting me to Thanksgiving. And due to the sheer wonderfulness of this family, and their foresight, I accepted. I knew that my Thanksgiving would feel like home with the Albrechts.

It is all... an illusion

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | The real difference between seeing the dress and the show, though, is the audience. I've been in performance audiences lovingly called the "little audience that could," the small audiences that make up for lacking size with more emotion, appreciation, and gusto than a full house.

Storytelling ExCo

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I had cancelled most of my plans for the weekend to write my script for cinema, and was currently completely outlined but not written. And I needed inspiration. A room full of creative souls seemed like a good place to be for two hours of my precious Sunday time.

Once upon a time in Stevenson dining hall,

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | We went back and forth for quite some time, coming up with quality lines for the ladies, and some lame ones as well.

"Obama-rama" Strikes Oberlin

posted by Daniel Tam-Claiborne '09 | It is hard for me to describe the atmosphere I witnessed that night, but it was certainly nothing like I had ever experienced before. Surrounded by friends and strangers, new faces and old, it hardly mattered whether you knew the person standing next to you or not--but you were inevitably going to give them a hug.

In which I couch my indescribable joy with anxious trepidation

posted by Will Mason '10 | Like most people in America (I gather), I thought Obama was going to win but also was distrustful enough of my fellow citizens that I had to wait until it was announced on the news to believe it.

I love Halloween.

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | I went as Bettie Page, which is hard to do.... in public. For the sake of Oberlin College, I won't do too much description. Suffice to say, I looked classy.

An Oberlin Day in Pictures

posted by Will Mason '10 | Photographs from an average Tuesday in the life of an average Obie.


posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | I listened to Jim's piece "Chorale" this morning. Damn, it was great.

Work Ethics

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | Bad idea: Working on a Friday night.

Back To Business

posted by Will Mason '10 | The best part about college - any college - is that there's always something to look forward to.

Old Habits Die Hard

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | Sustainability meets book buying.

The Oberlin Survival Guide

posted by Amber Walker '11 | A list of important tips/advice that might help make your transition into Oberlin a bit easier.

Obies Obies Everywhere

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | Thousands of miles from Oberlin, it's still all around me.

The Weather in Oberlin: A Mainer's Perspective

posted by Will Mason '10 | As someone who knows what it's like to trudge through a protracted winter, let me assure you that Oberlin's climate is a piece of cake.

Sand to Snow: the West Coast to Midwest transition

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | I received a request to elaborate on my experience going from a big, urban California environment to Oberlin, here goes!

We Are Oberlin: Busy

posted by Will Mason '10 | Find out more about the catch phrase sweeping campus.

What did you do with your Friday night?

posted by Will Mason '10 | We Oberlin students are a lucky bunch. The campus provides an impossible number of lectures, exhibits, readings, and performances, and we are burdened with the enviable luxury of bouncing around from event to event, gorging ourselves on art and music and culture until exhaustion necessitates a break.

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