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College is hard. It's a struggle. Sometimes I feel like I've got everything under control and sometimes I just want to go home. I wrote this, not to discourage anyone about college or Oberlin, but to highlight that college life is a complex situation; it's not all smiles and tea. And that's okay. Go forth, and [insert inspiring verb of choice]!

Dear Oberlin,

Yes, I am busy.
Yes, I have lots of homework.
Yes, I like (most of) my classes. 

Yes, I have lots of things to do.
Yes, I have a job.
Yes, I sleep.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

You're really great. It's like you single-handedly stole all the cool people from their lives and now they're all around me: in my classes, in my dorm, in the bathroom, everywhere. Sometime I wonder how I got here, or if you made a mistake, because I feel ridiculously inferior to pretty much everyone around me.

So far I think I'm doing okay... I'm passing all my classes and I have an idea of my Winter Term Project. I haven't been miss-jobbed yet and I can see the floor of my dorm. I still don't know the names of everyone I live with and I still overthink every social situation ever. They say it gets better and I hope they're right. The other day I clicked my heels together three times, but to my dismay, found myself in your presence. No worries, I still like you.

Don't get me wrong; you're the coolest, but sometimes I need a break. You just have too much to offer and I can't manage my time as efficiently as you would like me to. I just want to sleep and eat processed foods that may or may not be unethical. Let's just make it through next two weeks, and I promise to embrace you with somewhat open arms upon my return from Thanksgiving break.

Stay snowy,

P.S. Next time, I may add pictures. That's not a promise.

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You captured the way a lot of people (myself included) probably feel and will continue to feel. It's nice to know we're not alone in these feelings, and that they're okay to have.

Posted by: Andres on November 13, 2013 1:11 PM

Dear Lydia,

We're super glad you're here, but we also think it's okay to leave and come back to us. We'll be around. (Like Kaia said over on Tinni's blog — "I definitely think that home is more defined by experiences you're had in a place and memories you have with that place than anything physical.")



P.S. More snow soon. That's a promise.

Posted by: Ma'ayan, who speaks for the trees and sometimes as Oberlin on November 21, 2013 11:32 AM

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