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Each Oberlin student has an academic advisor to help make the most of his or her Oberlin education. First-year and transfer students are assigned an advisor in one of their areas of interest; once they choose a major, however, they must select a faculty advisor within that department.

The amount of time that students spend with their advisors can vary greatly - some students do research with their advisors and have coffee regularly, while other students meet with their advisors only once per semester to talk about future class schedules and progress toward graduation. Conservatory students are usually advised by their private teacher; double-degree students have two advisors, one in the College and one in the Conservatory.

In addition to academic advisors, Oberlin has several additional structures in place to make sure that students receive the advice and guidance they need. Each incoming class has a Class Dean who travels with them through their four years at Oberlin (fifth-year students and beyond have their own special Class Dean). The Class Deans are available in times of crisis and to help coordinate the different offices that provide support to students, such as the Office of the Dean of Studies, Student Health, the Counseling Center, Oberlin College Dialogue Center, and Residential Education. Each first-year student is also assigned an Academic Ambassador, a third- or fourth-year student who helps advise a small group of first-years during orientation and throughout their first year at Oberlin.

First-generation college students arriving at Oberlin also receive guidance in the form of the Peer Liaison program. Being the first in one's family to attend college can be a challenging experience, so upperclass students of similar backgrounds help new students to adjust to the cultural and intellectual challenges that college life presents.

Another resource available to students is the newly-created Roadmap - a guide to learning as much as possible in one's short time here. The Roadmap places a major emphasis on reflection and identifies major themes for four years of academic life at Oberlin. Year One: Explore. Year Two: Connect. Year Three: Deepen. Year Four: Develop independence. This document condenses the advice of many faculty, administrators, and staff to help students take full advantage of the learning opportunities inside and outside the Oberlin classroom.

You'll find additional information on the Dean of Studies website.

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