Oberlin's Experimental College (ExCo) is a student-run initiative that allows all members of the Oberlin community to teach and take courses outside the scope of the college's traditional curriculum. With its flexible nature, the program reflects the current intellectual, social, and aesthetic trends of the Oberlin community, providing opportunities to explore or expand upon subject matter beyond the usual course offerings.

ExCo offers a wide range of courses that are open to the public. Teaching is open on a volunteer basis to any Oberlin student, staff, and area community member. Each semester there are up to 120 courses offered in topics as diverse as tap dancing, The Ren and Stimpy Show, classical music of North India, rock climbing, animal rights, Swedish language and culture, scientific illustration, and US labor history.

While teaching an ExCo can be time-consuming, most students who embrace the challenge find themselves richly rewarded by the insights they gain, not only on the material itself, but also on the skills necessary to be an effective instructor. ExCos are far from one-way learning experiences. Ask any former ExCo instructor about the highlight of his or her experience, and you will hear about the special relationship that develops between the instructor and the class.

Oberlin students may receive one to two hours of college credit for taking an ExCo course, with up to five credit hours counting towards graduation. Students who teach ExCo courses also receive credit - but with so many classes to choose from each semester, many students chose to take or teach an ExCo course for no credit at all.

For more information and current course descriptions, see: oberlin.edu/exco.

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posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | The Storytelling Exco has been the pillar of my college experience -- performance on the outside and therapy on the inside.

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