With all the advanced degrees and years of teaching experience, one might think that Oberlin professors would have big egos. But our faculty is far from being holed up in ivory towers; they are eagerly invested in both their students and the broader campus community. Whether they are acting as advisors to student organizations or leading classes in discussion, Oberlin professors are devoted to teaching undergraduates. All courses at Oberlin are taught by faculty members - not by graduate students.

Entering students are assigned a faculty advisor to help guide them. Beginning on the very first day, students interact regularly with their professors and develop personal relationships with them. The college also encourages student-faculty interaction outside the classroom with programs like Faculty and Students Together (F.A.S.T.) meals, where the college pays for professors and students to eat and socialize in the dining halls.

Oberlin has 274 full-time faculty members, of whom more than 95 percent have earned the highest degree possible in their fields. Most are also active researchers and leading authorities in their disciplines. These facts, combined with frequent office hours and ample opportunities for collaborative research, provide students and faculty with plenty of personal interaction. And with a student-faculty ratio in the College of Arts and Sciences of 11:1 and in the Conservatory of Music of 8:1, students are known by their professors - and known well.

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