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Oberlin has one of the finest and largest undergraduate library systems in the nation, consisting of the Mudd Learning Center and three branches specializing in art, music, and science. The total collection includes well over 2 million items, and the OhioLINK program provides rapid access to more than 45 million volumes throughout Ohio. Just request a book online, and you should have it in a few short days.

With four distinct libraries, each with its own unique atmosphere, students are likely to find the study area that suits them best. Different areas can provide the perfect background noise for studying, be it the hum of 30 computers or the silence of the stacks.

Mudd - both the largest and most central of all libraries on campus - houses the campus computer store, the audiovisual department, and the writing help center. While studying is the primary activity in Mudd, it's rare to enter the building without finding at least one weary student snoring away in the popular womb chairs or copious couches. The Academic Commons - created by a vast remodeling of the first floor of Mudd in 2007 - added a new coffee shop named Azariah's, group study rooms, and fabulous new furniture to this already popular building.

Technology on campus is everywhere you look: computer labs dot the campus map from north to south. Mudd provides short-term and overnight laptop loans to patrons, whose dorm-bound desktop computers are just no fun. Professors utilize sites such as the electronic reserve (eRes) system and Blackboard, which allows students to download course materials at their leisure. The Center for Information Technology (CIT) maintains the college's computers and provides students with help when they accidentally blow up their laptops. If you happen to take a side in the great Mac-PC feud, let it be known that all can find refuge at Oberlin, with both sides coexisting peacefully in the labs on campus.

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