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Oberlin has a quirky architectural history; virtually all of the original buildings that housed the college were razed in the late nineteenth century at the behest of Charles Martin Hall, who wanted Oberlin to have a large town square for gatherings and enjoying nature. Hall paid for many of the replacement buildings, and the campus grew around Tappan Square - instead of on top of it. This complete overhaul of Oberlin's campus has given it a more modern look - the old combined with the new - and most buildings look quite different from one another. For more information on Oberlin's architecture over the last 175 years, please explore the website of Geoffrey Blodgett, emeritus history professor and Oberlin architecture expert.

The modern campus covers about eight square blocks, and you can easily walk from the Science Center (the northernmost academic building) to the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies (the southernmost academic building) in 10 minutes - five if you're from New York City. (Housing is a little more spread out, and it might take twenty minutes to walk from the Union Street houses to Old Barrows.) Oberlin's campus is designed with plenty of open lawns to encourage students to relax and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

The newest building project on campus is the Phyllis Litoff Building for Jazz, Music Theory and Music History, a cutting-edge addition to the southeast side of the Conservatory. The building, expected to open in fall 2009, will include a state-of-the-art recording studio and the largest privately held jazz recording collection in the United States. In addition to its function for the Conservatory, the Litoff Building embodies Oberlin's commitment to sustainability; it will be the first music facility in the world to attain a gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating, as developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.

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