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As a residential campus, Oberlin compels its students to create a vibrant community that extends far beyond the classroom. College and conservatory students live together and share a single campus culture, thus making Oberlin a truly unified community. Sharing ideas and experiences at all hours of the day and night, we interact with one another like atoms.

To provide for the varied needs of its students, Oberlin offers a plethora of housing options: traditional residence halls, program houses organized around language or cultural affinities, student-initiated special floors devoted to an academic interest or hobby, and co-op houses in which students share in the preparation of meals and running the household.

New students have the option of residing in one of the two first-year dorms, Barrows and Dascomb. In these dorms, students are provided with special programming and events that assists in the transition to college life.

Fourth-year and some third-year students have the opportunity to live in "village housing" - houses and apartments owned by the college - to provide a greater sense of independence. A limited number of seniors are also able to live off-campus and rent local properties.

As an alternative, the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) is a student-owned and operated non-profit corporation that provides both housing and dining to Obies. Nine separate co-ops - each responsible for its own day-to-day operations - provide students with the option of living and/or dining in a communal and cooperative environment. OSCA members are expected to help run the operations of their various co-ops - through food preparation, cleaning the house, etc. - and are granted a say in how things are run. In addition, by using a lottery system in housing selection, OSCA ensures that even new students are given the opportunity to take part in the community.

There are no fraternities or sororities at Oberlin.

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FAQ for Incoming First Years

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posted by Ben Reid '16 | Now I know we can't all be lucky enough to have a roommate whose biggest flaw is being a Yankees fan, but you can trust that the Oberlin ResEd department puts in a LOT of time to make sure that you and your roommate are a good match.

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posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Broaching that scary subject of co-ed living. Fact: it was the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

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On Being OSCAn

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | It is not easy. But also: "It is rare to be a part of something big that is so tied to human nature and so hinges on humans communicating with humans." - Ma'ayan Plaut

The Mechanics of OSCA

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | If you're wondering how co-ops run and what you will need to do once you are in them, this post is for you.

In My Room: The Positives and Negatives of My First-Year Experience

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Chinwe's Adventures in Eco-land

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | Not quite down the rabbit hole, just over on East Lorain Street.

Winter Raiders

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Sci-Fi Hall decided to blow off some finals stress by dressing up as post-apocalyptic bikers, smearing fake blood on our faces, and raiding another theme hall. This happens from time to time.

The Battle of South Campus

posted by Eli Goldberg '12 | If it comes to pass that neither of these plans is favorable, it shall be known that Sci-Fi Hall and Classics Hall are officially "in a fight." Terms of war will be drafted, and we will meet you on the battlefield.

A Few Thoughts on Safe Spaces

posted by Ruby Saha '14 | What's a safe space, you ask? Good question. I'm not sure either.

A Room With a View

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | How Sarah and I acquired and are now curating the best double on campus: Tank 303.

Stacks on stacks on stacks, of stuff.

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | Hi, my name's Chinwe. I've got too much stuff and I'm terrible at packing.



Dascomb, Part Two

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | A tour, via photos, of the places I frequented all year in Dascomb.

Dascomb, Part One

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | Things about the first-year experience dorm in which I experienced my first year: how I got there, how my friends got there, and what it was like while we were all there.


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A case-study in randomly-chosen roommate success

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The Land of Fire: The Adventures of Patrick and Jordan

posted by Patrick Doherty '11 | Our intern lunches became a regular occurrence - we would swap stories about the craziest things that had happened to us that day (so many crazy things, all the time), gossip about whatever was going on on the Hill, and, on one special occasion, Jordan nearly ran into and almost knocked over Dennis Kucinich in the cafeteria in the Rayburn Building.

Cooperative Shenanigans

posted by Griff Radulski '14 | Tales of head cooking in Keep Co-op's kitchen, plus the answers to all the questions you never thought to ask. What does a CLEC do? How many parades has the Keep Parade Master led? And just what is that cutout of Captain Picard doing in the walk-in?

Smooth Move

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | My friend Tino and I debuted our 'Single Ladies' dance, and Twister didn't rehash awkward puberty memories, ending the party with my tears and cries of emotional pain, like it very easily could have.

Life in Narnia: Winter Term 2011

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | I'm going to be modeling the spread of information through social networks. Other people in the class are modeling swarms of locusts, a zombie infestation, and deformation of the magnetosphere by solar wind.

A Women's Hall Anecdote

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Upon entering the hallway, I was greeted by the site of an overflowing water pitcher.

Roommates are ________.

posted by Chinwe Okona '13 | You should read this, especially if you don't like people.

Three unrelated vignette blog posts

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | All you need to know is that it's legit real-world stuff, and she hasn't even graduated yet. Some people just really have their lives together.

It's a Beautiful Day in the Roommatehood

posted by Ida Hoequist '14 | My satisfaction with the person I'd be living with for the next year wasn't a lucky fluke, it was widespread - possibly even universal.

More than a Room

posted by Marsha Lynn Bragg | A healthful living environment contributes to the idea of community, and creates a type of neighborhood...

Sci-Fi Hall!

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Most colleges give their students a choice between traditional housing and fraternities or sororities. Oberlin, being Oberlin, has a different--and much wider--array of choices. Case in point: Sci-Fi Hall, where I now live.

Where I Live Now

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Please note the lovely framed Animorphs poster and the lovely Penang flag.

Week one: no classes and already behind?

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I thought I would have a pretty relaxing week, during which I could do things like unpack, hang up posters, and read all the YA novels that are still on my 'to read' list. That's not what's happened.

Hey Transfers!

posted by Brandi Ferrebee '10 | The transfer hall is this great jumping-off place. It's where new students that have attended another college can come get their bearings together and not feel like they are alone with their war-stories of places that didn't fit them.

Getting a House

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | By the time we signed the lease, the one thing that I really remembered about the house we were going to rent was that it had a huge bathroom.

Hey roomie

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | Well, no. I'm not actually going to talk about sex. Not no never. I've always been a believer that sex is sort of like music. You don't talk about making it. If you're good at it you don't talk about it. If you talk about it, you're not good at it.

Oberlin in the outside world?

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | There's the thumbs, but there's also a crude representation of a llama (apparently) to make a proposal and knocking in the air to signal agreement with a statement.

Hark is where the heart is

posted by Eli Goldberg '12 | I've spent the last week preparing to leave Harkness, the co-op where I've lived since my freshman year. So - to alleviate my own nostalgia, as well as give some info to folks who are filling out their housing forms - here's a little bit about Harkness.

Dear women's hall, you're the best

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Then, abruptly, the year ended. Everyone went home.

Big Choices

posted by Tess Yanisch '13 | Housing registration, class registration, and how I (probably) picked my major.


posted by Karl Orozco '13 | One can learn a lot about a person's home. Even MTV knows that.

Missin' You

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | I've been haunted in my sleep, you've been starring in my dreams, school I miss you...

Making ourselves at home

posted by Chris Gollmar '10 | Why live off campus?

Liquid days

posted by Megan Emberton '12 | Co-ops are wonderful, and the food is great. Do not worry, first years I've talked to who have expressed their doubts about this!

Labor Day: No Babies Allowed.

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Way to rain on my Labor Day parade, Ohio. Even after four years, I still don't understand your weather patterns.

Desk Quest

posted by Will Mason '10 | Yard sales, integrating into the Oberlin community, and the hunt for the perfect antique desk.

Housekeeping, or The Secret Life of oBEErlin-ites

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I mentioned before that the first few weeks of college equals '50s housewife meets college student: shopping for classes, ironing out schedules, and cleaning and unpacking all belongings, and if the weather doesn't take the temperature dip it did a few days ago, flowery dresses and sunglasses.

Winding Down, Gearing Up

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | It suddenly hit me that I have only four days left at my internship at La Opinion, and only two weeks left in LA.

Helpful Hintz, Yo!

posted by Joe Dawson '12 | There is no required reading for freshmen at Oberlin, but a quick flip through Lord of the Flies could be real helpful.

Parallel Universes

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I have just passed the two week point of being home for the summer. And since this is an Oberlin blog, this is about what's different at my summer home and my Oberlin home.

A vignette from finals week

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | Luck, however, was with us, in the form of a front loader.

What's that about the bathrooms?

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | You may or may not have heard that the bathrooms are gender-neutral at Oberlin. This may or may not concern you, your parents, or someone else whom you hold dear.

The Joys of Cooperative Dining

posted by Daniel Tam-Claiborne '09 | Thankfully, there were senior members who talked me through the best ways to peel garlic, fry potatoes, and make an omelet. Never would I have imagined that a group of students could be efficient and capable enough to orchestrate what functioned like a self-contained dining hall.

Life in a Cardboard Box

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Remember how I mentioned there are all these distractions during reading period and finals? Ah, yes, there is another one I failed to mention earlier, and that is PACKING.

Breakfast in my PJs, knitting parties, Oberlin Christian Fellowship, & kittens

posted by Yitka Winn '09 | There's something cool about occupying spaces that have so much history in them, so many Obies who've lived there in the past...

Committee meetings are better over lunch

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | I got a little overzealous and started quizzing people on their "action items," which I think only confused the issue.

Uncle OSCA Wants YOU To Scrub the Toilets!

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | I got into Harkness co-op the summer before my freshman year and have stayed loyal to the Harkness flag ever since. This year, I think I am the oldest and most experienced veteran Harkness resident. Just call me Auntie Harkness.

Al Franken and Garrison Keillor have Endorsed this Blog Post

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | Inside, podcasts of A Prairie Home Companion ushered Keepers and visitors into the dining room where we filled our plates and other eating receptacles with hamburger noodle hotdish, green bean casserole, wild rice, powdermilk biscuits, and jello with Swedish fish before heading outside to the sunshine.

Housing (or, new methods of procrastination)

posted by Zoë McLaughlin '11 | It must have looked pretty odd--all those mini lanterns hanging from tree limbs and about five of us with cans of spray paint looking like members of a graffiti ExCo, but you get my point.

My Valentine, or, the sappiest entry ever.

posted by Aries Indenbaum '09 | Things I didn't expect from college: Moving in with the boyfriend.

Pizza Night at Keep

posted by Daniel Tam-Claiborne '09 | I learned that there is a certain art to pie-making, kneading from the center out, making sure that the middle isn't too thin, and being careful to leave a slightly raised border along the outside so there's some semblance of crust after it bakes.

Moving in and life off campus

posted by Chris Gollmar '10 | Last Sunday I moved into my house for this semester. Now I officially live off campus.

Hallo, ich heiße Megan!

posted by Megan Emberton '12 | I am here to take Intensive German in an effort to shove enough grammar and vocabulary into my head to take German 102 in the coming semester.

Flavor Trippin'

posted by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 | It looked delicious... but we were told we couldn't eat yet. It is an extremely sadistic thing to show us food and tell us we can't partake. I was ready to dive in. But there was a reason.

The House Hunt

posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | Off-campus status is both a blessing and a curse...but mostly a blessing.

At the 'Kid: Fellowship and Seasonal Gluttony

posted by Nicolee Kuester '10 | As a rule, I try to avoid soaking in sicky-sweet pools of sentimentality (diabetes does, after all, run in my family), but when I talk about Thanksgivings at Fairkid I can't help but get that soft-eyed, distant-smile expression that means I've departed for that Lisa Frank horror-land of happy candy clouds and rainbow koalas.

Haphazard Packing Tips from an Incorrigible Slob

posted by Will Mason '10 | The worst part of college is getting there.

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