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Hi, my name is Celina Kobetitsch. My Slavic last name gets mispronounced 85% of the time and for fourth grade Halloween, I dressed up as Bach. Enough said. Because I’m a piano major, I spend the majority of my day in the practice room (or at least, I try to). I started playing the piano when I was three, and throughout elementary school I got up at 7am to practice an hour before school (really wish I still had that in me). I went through this whole phase in middle school when I wanted to ditch classical piano and be Taylor Swift instead. I got tired of practicing but my parents still made me, so I would put Harry Potter on the piano and read while I played my pieces to make time pass. Fortunately, I outgrew that, and now I love the piano and would never be able to live without it.

I also love nature: exploring nature, observing nature, climbing to the edge of the Grand Canyon when my mom told me not to (oops...). I’m also a bit of an environmentalist: I’m a vegetarian, I use clotheslines to dry all of my clothes, and I feel overwhelmingly guilty when I have to turn on the lights in a practice room. And sometimes I create new things out of old things, like the other day when I turned my ripped leggings into a crop top or in sixth grade when I turned my old jean pockets into magnetic locker pouches, or when I was seven and I added water to apple juice and thought I was a genius...

My golden retriever is the love of my life, and when I’m at home, she sings while I play the piano and we cuddle a lot, and now she FaceTimes me once a week.

So, there’s a little bit about me! Say hi to me if you see me around campus — I love meeting new people!

{ Entries }


Second-Year Silver Linings

A reflection on this rollercoaster of a semester.

A 44-mile leap out of my comfort zone

Bears, iodine tablets, tortillas, bruised hips, beautiful views, and good company.

The Summer Job That Felt Like Vacation

Working with so many talented, motivated, and engaging students felt extremely meaningful and reminded me that teaching is definitely something I want to continue doing in the future.

On Being a New Freshman

It's okay to ask a lot of questions, make mistakes, get lost, miss home, and meet a billion new people. You only get to be an Oberlin first-year once.

One year down, three to go

In which I reflect on my first year at Oberlin.

Two Benches, Two Majors

As of today's audition, I am now a double major in organ performance and piano performance, and I am so excited to delve deeper into some of the wonderful repertoire written for this beautiful instrument.

Winter Term on Campus

My on-campus intensive practice winter term project was just what I needed as a music performance major. It was nice to have so much time to devote solely to piano practice; other music schools and conservatories don't have this opportunity.

How to Survive Audition Season

A few words for prospective conservatory students on how to succeed at your Oberlin audition.

Hosting an International Friend for the Holidays

This winter break, I had the wonderful opportunity of being able to host my fellow Oberlin friend, Jenny, from China.

My Piano Weekend Experience

A post that contemplates how much impact we have as musicians while I also provide highlights of my experience at the 150th anniversary of the conservatory piano celebration.

My Favorite Places in Oberlin

A post with lots of pictures of all the many places I enjoy spending my time in Oberlin.

Dealing with Depression in College

I believe that my depression has shaped me into a different person, a stronger person. Depression is not a weakness, and I don't think enduring it is anything but a testament to your own strength.

Being a Conservatory Student at Oberlin: Expectations vs. Reality

The environment and community I've found here in Oberlin is one I wouldn't trade for a nine-foot Steinway.

"Is this really what I want to do?"

I've always been told "only go into music if you can't imagine doing anything else." But without an imagination, how could I ever be a musician?

A Fresh Start

It's normal to be anxious about leaving home for college. It's also normal to be excited. I see leaving home as an opportunity.

My Dream Schedule: No Longer a Dream

After years of trying to fit music into my schedule, music is my schedule. How about that?

An Introduction

A little bit more about me, in lists and photos.

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