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I'm Emily and I'm originally from Niskayuna, NY, a town in beautiful upstate New York with a name that's easier to pronounce than you think it is (for the curious - /nɪskəjunə/). I came to Oberlin planning to study music but ended up finding my academic home in comparative literature and adding a major in German after spending my junior year studying at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. I love everything to do with words — language learning, literary analysis, theory and criticism, essay writing, etc. — but my primary interest is in literary translation, particularly of works written by women.

My activities outside the classroom have shifted some during my time at Oberlin, but singing has remained a constant. At the moment I'm a part of Nothing But Treble, Oberlin's oldest all-female a cappella group, and Collegium Musicum, a choir that performs renaissance, medieval, and early Baroque music. If I'm not doing work for class or singing, you're likely to find me riding my bike around campus, hanging out in my apartment, or writing in Slow Train.

After spending two semesters abroad, I'm trying to savor my last year here. That means continuing to put effort into the things I already love about Oberlin, my classes, my choirs, and my friends, but that also means stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things: expanding my cooking repertoire, learning to swing dance, and starting work as a tour guide and a German tutor. All of that and trying to make myself slow down and enjoy everything this special place has to offer.

{ Entries }


Looking Forward, Looking Back

In my last entry for the Oberlin blogs, I look forward to my next adventure, look back at who I was before coming to Oberlin, and maybe learn a lesson in-between.

The In-between Summer

I'm back in Niskayuna for the summer and somehow it's already been a month and a half since graduation. What have I been doing in all that time?

The Last Semester Bucket List

Five items I crossed off, two items I missed.

My Favorite Oberlin Concerts

I decide to take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of my favorite concerts from my time at Oberlin.

Commencement By the Numbers

Commencement week: I lived to tell the tale.

"What even is research in the humanities?": Researching, Writing, and Sharing my Senior Capstone

In which I cover how I went about researching, writing, and sharing my capstone.

Some Other Time

Three weeks ago it hit me that I'll be leaving Oberlin soon.

The Culture of Busyness: My Least Favorite Thing About Oberlin

In honor of the beginning of All Roads, I've decided to bring back my series in which I give long form answers to questions I've received on tours. This time I'm answering what I think can seem like a taboo question - "what is your least favorite thing about Oberlin?"

Second Semester Seniordom

In my classes I'm writing, reading, listening, watching, and learning learning learning. Outside of them I'm tackling that most dreaded question, "what are you doing next year?"

Meeting and Tweeting @stileantico

In which I fangirl over early music.

Brother Invasion!

aka Brohio aka my little brother's visit to Oberlin

Wintberlin, Springberlin, Snowberlin

Winter term is over! Long live spring semester! Long live Snowberlin!

On Getting Help and Talking About It

In the words of former blogger/current friend Ida, "it's hard to talk about hard things!" I try to talk about them anyway.

Winter Term, Research Term

Looking for an exciting and glamorous winter term project? Try capstone research!

Notes from King 235

A (hopefully humorous) look into my notebook from Contemporary Literary Theory: Post-modernity and Imagination.

My Semester in Books, 2nd Edition

The stand-out books I was assigned this semester.

Three College Students, Three Musical Lives

There are a variety of questions tour guides get from prospective students applying to the college, but who are interested in pursuing music through the conservatory, but they all come down to the same thing: how involved can I be in the conservatory as a college student?

A Weekend in Oberlin

"So what do you do on the weekends?"

In Praise of Train Travel

or How I Get to Oberlin or The Perks of Life in the Rust Belt


On re-entering the Oberlin bubble.

The Study Abroad Series: Lessons Learned and Some Advice

I didn't just bring tchotchkes back to Oberlin with me, I also brought some intangible things, new words, new experiences, and of course, lessons learned.

Memories of Orientation

The first thing I remember about orientation is the excitement that came from constantly introducing myself to other people, telling them about my passions and interests and hearing about theirs in turn.

Summer Classes?!

Now that I've jumped the hurdle that is finals week and gotten a little bit of distance from my classes, I figured I'd finally write about them.

Where My Ladies at?

One of my biggest frustrations over the course of my time at Oberlin is that male authors have dominated my reading lists. This may come as a surprise to some; Oberlin is a progressive institution so you'd think that I'd be reading works by people of all genders. Not so.

Home is Where I Am: Some Scattered Thoughts

Attempting to articulate my thoughts on place, home, and my relation to it. (Boy, study abroad sure can make these things complicated.)

You Can Take the Girls Out of Oberlin...

... but you can't take the Oberlin out of the girls.

Biking Around Munich

When I travel underground, I miss out on a lot of what's going on in Munich. That's part of why I decided not to buy another U-Bahn semester ticket and have instead devoted myself to biking. I haven't been biking around the city for too long, but I've already started seeing the city differently (and sweating a lot more).

My Road to Oberlin

Why I applied, why I enrolled, and what I learned in the process.

A Danubian Journey

Oberlin is a small place, but because I ended up there and followed where my academic interests led, I've gotten to see the world, or at least a small section of Central Europe.

The Study Abroad Series: Why stay for a year?

Although I've lived in Munich for more than four months, I still have a lot to learn about my new home. Since coming to that realization, I'm so glad I chose a yearlong study abroad program.

We'll have Thanksgiving after all

How I ended up with two deutschen Thanksgivings.

The Study Abroad Series: Speaking Denglisch and Studying German

Studying abroad isn't all fun and games. At the end of the day (or in my case, the beginning of it) I do have to go to class, do homework, and make it all happen auf Deutsch. Here's what I'm learning about.

The Study Abroad Series: Finding a Program

The first post in my study abroad series. A bit later than intended, but still full of information about finding and applying to programs that interest you.

How to Spend Your Summer Vacation

Hey class of 2017, this one's for you.

Spring Semester in Review

I took good classes, ended the semester on a high note, and held off on my urge to be cheesy until the last few sentences.

On the Next 15 Months

In which I reveal that I'm studying abroad next year (yes, for the whole year). Surprise?

A Cappellove

Looking for information on Oberlin's a cappella scene? Nothing But Treble is a good place to start.

The Oberlin Translation Symposium and Why You Should've Been There

Robert Frost said, "poetry is what gets lost in translation." Let me tell you why I disagree.


In which I gain insight into my life by going to office hours, finally reveal my schedule for the semester, ramble about my current favorite Northern European minimalists, and plug things that I'm involved with.


When I was in my end-of-semester-only-able-to-think-in-wordplay stage, National Story Translating Month (a nod to NaNoWriMo) was the title I almost gave my winter term project, which was translating a German short story into English. Luckily, a friend intervened and I ended up calling it "Winter Term German Translation Intensive." Alas, sometimes professionalism has to win out over cleverness.

My Semester in Books

All of the books I read during fall semester

And the Major Is...

Comparative literature!

A Foreign Language Revelation

It turns out that 140 characters isn't enough to say everything that I want to say about learning a foreign language. Whoda thunk it?

My Oberlin Tour

A virtual tour of my favorite places in Oberlin.

Different Names for the Same Thing

Better known as my course load.

On Quitting

Over the course of this post, a distraction from the tempest that is add-drop turned into a potential life lesson about quitting the things that make me unhappy.

In My Room: The Positives and Negatives of My First-Year Experience

Spoiler alert: I started out without friends, ended up having a cool room, eventually made awesome friends, and witnessed some sustainability fails.

Song for the Waitlisted

My experience on Oberlin's waitlist.

Abbie in Oberlin

My friend Abbie + Oberlin + gorgeous weather = an amazing time

It Might As Well Be Spring

... spring semester that is!

I Wanna Weave You A Sweater

...I wanna write you a (winter term) blog post. That's how the song goes, right?

A Hazy Shade of Winter (Term)

Winter Term is a time for one for-credit project and as many sub-goals as you can handle, right?

So this is the New Year

In which I weigh my blasé attitude towards NYE against my love of my birthday.

When I'm Home, Everything Seems to Feel Right

In order to give myself a break from sitting at my computer, paralyzed by my probably needless anxiety, I will write about a simpler time, a time when finals were a distant specter and winter break was eons away - last week.

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

It's just like Julie Andrews says (sort of), "I simply list some of my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad!"

Knowing Me, Knowing You

A brief introduction to me, for you.

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