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Hi, I'm Griff Radulski, and I've started to preface every discussion of myself with, "I want to be a farmer and," which is a surprisingly versatile introduction. I follow it with: learning [ungulate anatomy, nutrient cycling, marketing skills] is probably relevant to my future. Or: ... I own two dozen laying hens and sell their eggs and the cheese I make to my friends in Oberlin. Or: a bachelor of arts in biology isn't the most practical degree I could pursue, but I'm too in love with Oberlin to leave.

Not that I won't ever leave. When I graduate this spring, I'm moving on to learn about draft horse driving and husbandry, and then who knows: Pennsylvania, or Virginia, or back to my homeland of coastal Connecticut, with its sunny, mild winters and its estuary views. But for now, I'm a true, proud Obie. Like most of us, I get way too busy as I struggle to balance schoolwork, life work, and fighting the good fight. I think I've found a patch of middle ground this semester, although I still stray: between drafting a lab report or plans for a new chicken coop, studying dogfish structure or feed protein ratios, researching carbon sequestration or the best way to soften homemade ice cream. I never have to wonder whether to wander with a friend, though. One thing I've learned: friends come first.

I'm an OSCAn expat (I live in a house now) and a member of the Ecumenical Christians of Oberlin, as well as a groundskeeper for the Department of Environmental Studies. I also attend every contra dance, contact improv jam, and ASL table. If you have questions about any of these things — or thoughts on chickens, or farming, or nutrient cycles, or land ownership and privilege, or cheesemaking, or the vast and impossible diversity of life — you should contact me!

{ Entries }


What Did I Learn from Oberlin Anyway? Despair and Defiance.

In the vast dark sea: a few bright fish.

Riding the Wind

"Biology? What are you going to do with that?" Here's what I'm doing so far.


A highly opinionated tour of Oberlin's main drag. With lovely pictures by Ma'ayan!

You Should Know

Advice for you young whippersnappers, with some sentiment on the side.

Decision Day

For the procrastinators, from a procrastinator, with love for Oberlin and all you future Obies.


I'm taking steps to ensure that I will bounce.

Winter Has Come

I hope you were ready. My animals were!

A Winter Among Friends

My new friends have paws, hooves, horns, and attitude. I wish you could meet them, but pictures will just have to do.

Flying the Coop

For real this time. Here's why I'm leaving, and why I'm coming back.

From Awkwardness to Joy: Act I

The belated first post in a series about a uniquely Oberlin alchemy.


My summer left me wanting a word that spans millennia. I need to talk about my brothers and sisters who populate the biosphere, who live lives beyond human knowing and become sediment when they die.

Cardboard Box Season

I've been thinking a lot about seasons lately. My own year is really just beginning, as my time in Connecticut draws to a close and I prepare to move back to Ohio. It begins with a twice-annual ritual: packing cardboard boxes.

A Chickenkeeper Abroad: At Home as a Foreigner

I'm leaving Oberlin for a semester, if not a year, and it's got me thinking again about what it means to be home. Over Winter Term I found a home in Monteverde, temporary, but a home nonetheless; and before I get all maudlin about leaving Oberlin, I wanted to share some snapshots of a beautiful month.

A Chickenkeeper Abroad: On Chickenkeeping

A run was built, some straw was bought, and the department officially had a flock of chickens.

Person First

Sometimes I feel cloistered here - safe and spiritually grounded, but disengaged from the problems of the world. How to fit the real world into Oberlin? Well, for starters ...

Arrival Take Two

Orientating as a second-year, including pizza socials and all the classes. Well, all of mine, anyway. Apply to write about yours yourself!

Living with Strangers

Alumni - you'll remember, fondly, friends like these. Prospies, I guarantee you you will make some.

An Oberwhelming Weekend

Pizza cooking, folk music, contra dancing and farm working: this is your weekend on Oberlin.

Sunlight and Service: Good for the Spirit

Oberlin is famous as a stop on the Underground Railroad, and was well-known for the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue. And despite Oberlin's reputation for godless liberalism (joking!), there are several vibrant communities on campus for students of faith. There's also a great multifaith service event coming up on Sunday.

Cooperative Shenanigans

Tales of head cooking in Keep Co-op's kitchen, plus the answers to all the questions you never thought to ask. What does a CLEC do? How many parades has the Keep Parade Master led? And just what is that cutout of Captain Picard doing in the walk-in?

Indecisiveness: An Oberlin Tradition

One famous Oberlin grad came to study neuroscience and left with a degree in American history through folk music. Can you imagine his add/drop period woes?

Winter Term: A Project a Day

The idea is simple. I have to make one thing every day - anything from a wolf hat with headphones sewn into the brim to the slightly ambiguous "important arrangements."

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