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Hi, I'm Kameron! You can usually find me in King where, as a Politics major, most of my classes are held. With Politics, I've taken on a minor in Rhetoric and Composition and a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies. Outside of King, you find me in A-House in my personal cave (room), or in Wilder where I​work as a Student Senator and sit on the Student Union Board.​Among other obligations, I spend a lot of my time committing to community service as a Bonner Scholar and working with other students on their writing as a Writing Associate.

{ Entries }


Sophomore Slumped

It's not all that they said it would be.

Moving Forward

Shattered, but I'm not broken.

Summer Sixteen

"Looking, looking, looking...All summer sixteen." - Drake

An Open Letter to My First-Year Self

No, this is not The Odyssey Online.

Oh, the Places She'll Go!

I do believe I have been changed for the better.

My Faith in Oberlin College

Oberlin is not everything you may hear in the media.

Halfway Through Semester Two

We're just about halfway through the semester, and it's time for a check-in.

An Even Simpler Declaration

Rhetoric and Composition is a small department here at Oberlin, so I figured I'd give it some love!

What is Social Justice?

A reflection on what social justice means to me.

Fun in the (202)

Most Obies will tell you about the awesome project they worked on over Winter Term, but it's not all work and no play!

The Winternship

Forty hours of work a week isn't typical for a college student, but I quickly learned at Oberlin it can be. No, I'm not working 40 hours a week while juggling a heavy course load. Yep--you guessed it. Winter Term!

College Hatred in the Age of Yik Yak

This topic has been on my mind for a while, so tonight I think it is an appropriate time to address it.

Coming to a Close

This is my, slightly late, cliché Thanksgiving post.

Black Lives Matter.

As Oberlin prides itself on its activist history, today we used our agency as activists on this campus.

A Simple Declaration

To some, declaring their major is a huge ordeal. For me, it was just signing a form.

How I Ended Up At Oberlin, Not Hogwarts

My decision to spend my undergraduate years at Oberlin wasn't quite the storybook tale, but it did end with a happily ever after.

My Weekend in NYC

Multiple airplanes, bus rides, subway adventures, and train trips made for an awesome fall break.

Two Months In

These past two months have really flown by--I think it's appropriate to offer a bit of reflection.

My First Year Housing Experience

Where I live: what was expected and what was realized.

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