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Hello! My name is Karl Orozco and I hail from small, suburban New Milford, NJ. I am currently a second year Studio Art major with an interest in screen-printing, graphic design, web design, illustration, animation- everything that doesn't involve painting. Prior to Oberlin, I was very unsure as to what I wanted to study. Oberlin's art department certainly helped me realize my strengths and challenge me to constantly improve. To see some of my work, visit www.karlorozco.com.

In addition to being engrossed in all things artsy, I am the chair of Oberlin's Filipino American Student Association. Asian American identity, particularly amongst Filipino Americans, is something that I take great interest in and want to expand upon through my involvement on campus, artwork, and blogging.

One of my biggest passions is print-making, a relatively new hobby of mine. I spend an awful lot of time designing and printing many of the posters around Oberlin's campus advertising events, bands, speakers, and concerts. Through my posters and related prints, I hope to illustrate (quite literally) the breadth and depth of Oberlin's extracurricular activities. I am also very big on racquet sports- tennis, badminton, ping-pong, squash, what have you- and am surprisingly a huge NBA fan. Go Nets!

Above all else, I adore Oberlin and want to share this admiration.

{ Entries }



A blog on my Adobe Illustrator ExCo.

The pains of an intern.

A rather existential blog post about internships. Have I scared you away from reading this yet?

Love and basketball.

Intramural basketball at Oberlin, and a schooling on some Basketball 101.

A word from David.

A guest blog by my roommate David Fegley, covering things on Oberlin's campus that my knowledge simply doesn't cover.

Foreign and familiar.

Where I was, what I did, what I ate, and who I was with during my Winter Term in the Philippines.

Events at Oberlin.

Detailing the wide array of events that can happen on Oberlin's campus - within a single semester!

Joining worlds.

...specifically my cultural and artistic worlds. And yes, that is the motto for Oberlin Shansi. Am I hinting at something?

Cranes, construction, and color theory.

A piece from my Color Theory class inspired by construction on Oberlin's campus.

Rock, paper, show!

A post on the art of band posters. Also, Guided by Voices really likes Miller Lite.

Filipino food equals love.

Warning: scrum-diddly-umptious pictures that will cause your stomach pain.

General Feelings #1

I've decided to comic my life. General feelings?

You teach me and I'll teach you.

Pokémon! And ExCos! Specifically, ExCos about Pokémon!

Artifacts from the summer.

A couple design- and Oberlin!-related posters and a reason why everyone should want to be a blogger... Wait. Summer was only 2 weeks ago?!

Back to school!

Oh Oberlin. How I missed you.

The hipster's dilemma.

An alternative take on the alternative.

"What are you?"

What being a Filipino American has meant to me.

Bread, butter and everything in between.

Inside: Karl's summer internship at the Bread & Butter Collective, a silkscreen studio run by Oberlin alums, and all things related.


So... about my summer.

Goodie blog!

It's a goodie blog! Like a goodie bag, but in blog form! Get it?! See, it's funny because they sound so similar!

Final feelings on frenzied first year. Fauna fantasy feet.

Closing thoughts on my first year of college. Note the forced alliteration in the title!

Blog Post Turned Portfolio.

I'm using this blog to showcase some posters made throughout the semester. So sue me.

Name dropping.

Famous Oberlin Alums to make your parents go "Ooh!"

Nude no more!

Sadly, this post is not about nudity, but about the Oberlin Apparel Design Challenge. Is that enough of a consolation prize?

Save Ginny Weasley.

This post has nothing to do with Ginny Weasley.


One can learn a lot about a person's home. Even MTV knows that.

The Midwest Asian American Student Conference.

A series of talks, lectures, and performances discussing the role new media plays in Asian American society.

Extra, extra!

"So much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it."

public class Schedule

This title serves as a cheesy joke using Java code to talk about my schedule this semester, which happens to involve a lot of computer work. Yes, I know I'm nerdy.

An Oberlin Snow Survival Guide.

Almost official.

I like to eat- eat- eat- Apples & Bananas.

...just not when they're made out of clay. Have I mentioned that I'm spending my Winter Term making a claymation movie? Oh yeah, I have. Multiple times. Well, here it is.

All work and no play.

In between breaks of being consumed by clay fruits, Karl looks for excitement to break the monotony.

Things to come.

This blog's purpose: to motivate Karl off of this computer chair and start working on his Winter Term project.

The most wonderful time of the year.

...is finals week and reading period?

A Sunday in the studio.

My hands are speckled with green, orange, and white ink as I type this.

Designer Babies and other possibilities.

A course evaluation on my First-Year Seminar. Also, Spelling Bee!

Silkscreening is cool.

A weekend of mixing inks, emulsing screens, printing posters, and a well-deserved burrito.

Plot twists, or "And then I got sad"

A tradition at Barrows where residents watch movies with twist-endings every Sunday night. Also, an update on Chelsea the Bike.

Like a Toblerone.

Halloween, laughing at myself, adjusting to my new "ruggedness," and lots of probable cavities.

New Jersey and its relation to "home."

Adventures throughout the Garden State and tips on how to properly use a GPS.

Intramural soccer and its silver screen potential.

How movies have forever skewed my view of competitive sports.

Karl & Chelsea: A love story between boy and bike.

(The G-Rated version)

The name's Karl. With a K.

This is the part where I introduce myself, right?

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