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Hi, my name is Ma'ayan Plaut, a proud Oberlin College graduate with a B.A. in cinema studies. I’m originally from Magnolia, Kentucky, with a more recent address on the Big Island of Hawaii. I didn't get a chance to visit Oberlin before enrolling, but it opened my eyes the second I arrived here for my freshman orientation and I haven't closed them since.

Before I began at Oberlin, I was interested in the visual arts, specifically photography and cinematography. I had the opportunity to explore both — within a classroom setting and as an extra-curricular — during my time as a student. Photography translated into wonderful opportunities and friendships, as I photographed for a number of student organizations and groups, both for fun and as a service to these wonderful collectives.

As a student, I was a voracious OSCA kid, living and eating in Harkness for three years and spending my final year as a member of Brown Bag Co-op. I also worked as a student manager at the Decafe, making adjective sandwiches and teaching new workers the finer points of sandwich, salad, smoothie, and coffee making. I also spent time docenting at the Allen Memorial Art Museum, working as a photo editor at The Oberlin Review, and showering first-years with information and advice as an Academic Ambassador.

The Office of Communications also played a huge role in my Oberlin life, as I spent two years as a student blogger, freelance photographer, and poster child. I began my post-college-graduate life in a one-year fellowship in web communications, which transitioned into a full-time position as Social Media Coordinator and now, my role has shifted again to the Manager of Social Strategy and Projects. I maintain the Oberlin Blogs (oh hello, you are here!), the Oberlin Stories project, plus Oberlin’s presence on various third-party social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, just to name a few) and I make sure that our stories and projects are ready to go anywhere and do anything. I like tell people that my job is to make Oberlin look awesome on the Internet and beyond, and it is, in fact, the best job in the world.

Now that I’m a big kid with a job, I actually have some spare time in my life, so I've done the ExCo-teaching thing (previously one on photography and one on social media — along with Ben Jones and Barbara Sawhill), I attend lectures and convocations, I cook and photograph elaborate meals, and I pounce on as many concerts and performing arts opportunities as possible.

Generally, I'm around (on the Internet and in real life), and I usually have a camera and a big grin. Don't forget to smile :)

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Where do I begin?

And ultimately, end.

Tell Us A Story: Oberlin Blogger Application, Fall 2016

It's that time again: apply to be an Oberlin blogger!

Good Eats Under $6

When you miss meal hours in campus dining services, when your co-op cancels dinner, or when you need to treat yourself, sometimes you need to head out.

Tell Us A Story: Oberlin Blogger Application, Fall 2015 Edition

Start flexing your writing muscles. The blogger application is here!

Your Orientation Checklist

Boiling down the orientation guide to a list of essential actions. Get your walking shoes ready, tune in your ears, and prepare yourselves for the first week of your next four/five years.

Cohen to the Chapel

... one of our bloggers got married!

Passing Through

On seeing old faces in all the same familiar faces.

What if an Oberlin alum directed an online smash hit?

An interview with my classmate Patrick Willems '10, creator of fine online films such as "What if Wes Anderson directed X-Men."

Alpha Decay, or Four Things To Know About College

...as explored through geology.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Talking

Keeping up with the Plauts, or how I talked to my family when I was in college.

New Faces!

To blatantly parrot a lovely quote from former blogger Ida: "I want to squish them all!"

Be an Oberlin Blogger: September 2014 Edition

Want to join the Oberlin blogging team? Application details within!

Registration Wars: The Return of the Jedi

Everything I learned about course registration (plus some additional advice from Obies who have been there, done that).

DINRAR, or Let's Dine Together!

Fact: if you and I have collaborated on a meal together before, you've probably received an email titled with the name of this post before. To quote the old blues song: "Come on in my kitchen."

Letters From The Past

A mini-reality check popped into my mailbox a few days ago. Past Ma'ayan is here to visit the current Ma'ayan with a present!


...with emotions, never-ending rain, smatterings of advice, and the overwhelmingness of the commencement/reunion weekend to end all commencement/reunion weekends.

The Final Payment

Student loans, begone! I'm through!

A Bit About the Oberlin Experience — Virtually!

If you want to talk to real Oberlin students about real life, this is your chance! Read on for more information about our cool livestreamed virtual student panels!

Mid-year Blogger Application

We've got a few open positions here on the Oberlin blogs, so we're doing a ~*second*~ round of hiring for this school year!

Blogger Sense

It's like a spidey sense, but way way better. Because there are less legs and/or radioactive superhero features (though, no lies, that last one would be awesome).

On Mentorship

Having some ideas about the mentorship opportunities while at Oberlin. They're complicated and awesome (like most things that involve people).

Blogger Application 2013

It's here! It's here! The 2013 blogger application is within this post!

How to Make Friends in College

Collected advice from something like 50 people about how to tackle the overwhelming task of making friends in college.

Thinking 'bout Blogging

This is an attempt to get you blogging. Not for us, but in general.

Theory and Practice

Did I do my major right? I don't know! I hope so? I think so.

Community Energy

Or, I'm taking a dance class and I can't help but parallel lessons learned on the dance floor to my learning in the bigger world.

The World, Magnified

This is a place with an aura of calm, a history of progress. But Oberlin is a part of the rest of the world, which means that the world's problems are ours, too.

The Need To Feed

The unofficial winter term project name is The Need to Feed. The unofficial unofficial project name is OMG WTF (Wow, That Food!) WINTER TERM.

You had a class with someone famous?!

Everyone has an opinion and so do I.

I've got the itch (and no, it's not my mango allergy)

I want to hear your Oberlin food stories. Share them in the comments!

Between the Covers

Booksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooks, or how I learned to stop worrying and do some good old-fashioned reading.

Join Our Family

Or, what #SoMeXco is all about and how our project is going to legit rock the world this weekend.


To change with the times, we're changing the Oberlin blogs and the folks who work with us here: our newest members of the team are writers, photographers, audio storytellers, and illustrators.

Campaign Bites

This year's alumni council weekend was kicked up about 10 notches, because it was the kickoff of Oberlin Illuminate, our seven-year comprehensive campaign to focus on the future of Oberlin.

Orienteering: A Guide to Your Oberlin Arrival

Orientation! It is so so soon. Also: look out for me! I'm going to be out and doing exciting things and you're definitely involved.

So, you live together?

Broaching that scary subject of co-ed living. Fact: it was the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

ObiEager Video Contest

The summer video contest by the class of 2016 shocks, awes, and makes this social media coordinator bouncy with excitement that orientation is just a few weeks away!

Grad Tips from a Pro

Tips, tricks, and advice from a five-year Oberlin commencement/reunion veteran. The fun is upon us!


For those of you who got here by googling "Oberlin Super Smash major" you're at the right place. Read on.

The Answerer is in, Part I

You have questions. I have a comment box and I have answers, or the ability to find them. My super hero alter ego is here to help!

Our Sweet, Sweet Genius

Oberlin grad Nathaniel Mich '10 was on Food Network! We decided to celebrate with baked goods and a screening in Asia House.

In Which I Become Charlotte and Build a Web

This will probably be a first post of many discussing the most terrifying word in an Oberlin student/young alum's vocabulary: networking.

With Love from the Delightful Family

In which my Oberlin family and I team up to send you a slightly belated valentine.

No Acorn Unturned

I have been told that if you see a white squirrel on an Oberlin tour, it's good luck. I never went on a tour as a pre-Obie, but I know that seeing one (or five!) in Tappan Square truly makes my day every time.


Obies just make Thanksgiving better. I think that might sum up this entire post in one sentence.

A Particularly Enlightening Post

This just in: I really love to teach excited photographers. Especially when it comes to playing with light.

16 Truths, 8 Lies: Welcome, New Bloggers

How awesome are our new bloggers? Secret: really really awesome.

The Enchanted Alumni Forest

I am learning to fully embrace my membership to an exclusive 40,000 person club.

Get Your Swag On

We may not wear our Oberlin pride as sleeve tattoos, but we will drape them on our torsos in a wide array of colors and designs.

What does Oberlin sound like?

An attempt to collect my own personal (and your!) Oberanthems. Full of music and playlists!

Rockin' the Oberlin Summer

Summer in Oberlin is filled with beautiful and tasty things. Take a peek!

100 Awesome Amazing Fantabulous Things

I'm celebrating my 100th blog post on the Oberlin blogs, which includes a FABULOUS CONTEST with a sweet prize.

Show Us Your Enthusiasm!

The class of 2015 made us such awesome videos demonstrating their enthusiasm for Oberlin. Watch them!

On 20th-Century Oberlin History - Musically Speaking

Any questions you may have had about the musical studies major, the history of jazz at Oberlin, or original research can and will be answered in this post by the incomparable Anna Ernst '10!

Living in the Harkland

In this post about OSCA, I am: a first-year, old, excited, and naked.

Learning and Labor: On Student Jobs at Oberlin

Work is play is fun is work is life: in which I worked a ton as a student and tell you all about the fun I had while getting paid!

Oberlin Fool

In which entomology and creativity meet for a three-part manifesto on foolish things.

In Which I Wished for Oberlin to be Hogwarts

While I think of Oberlin as an alternate universe Hogwarts much of the time, we don't have owls delivering letters, though that would totally be the coolest.

Winter Term On Campus: So Chill!

A pictorial essay of winter term in Oberlin (and a load of theater reviews)!

An ExCo (Af)Fair to Remember

In which the tables are turned on my previous ExCo fair experiences: this time, I was sitting on the other side of the chaos.

On Friendship

In which I attempt to share my glorious friends with the world.

Reimagining Utensils

In which I embrace my future as a possible spoon player in a bluegrass band (though it's still more likely that I will be a teacher).

On Teaching and Oberlin

Luckily, Oberlin gives us the opportunity to be on the other side of the podium, too: I'm teaching an ExCo this spring!

New Year's - Pride and Resolution

New Year's with Obies, and a year-end list of things I am proud of from the past year (with related links) and resolutions for a new year.

Creative Canters: Art Walk Fall 2010

A mini-stroll down this fall's art walk, a showcase of student artworks from the span of studio art classes. With many many photos!

New Year, New Beginnings, New Class!

My baby class is beginning to grow! Congrats, first members of the class of 2015!

On Study Breaks: Fun, Delicious, Necessary

During finals, study breaks are most necessary. Sometimes they're planned, sometimes they're surprises, but they're always welcome.

The Happy Birthday Blog, or How I Became a Birthday Planner

In which I explain Oberlin birthdays and share a recipe for chocolate cake for a crowd.

A Very Fierce Thanksgiving

A post and a toast to families away from families: Thanksgiving is what you make of it. Or make for it.

If you give an Ali a paintbrush, some paper, and some clay...

My friend Ali is having an art show... and I'm close enough to the process to inhale the paint fumes and clay dust.

Why Oberlin, or the beginnings of an inevitable journey

It's application season, kids, so for some insight/inspiration, a peek at my Why Oberlin essay. Oberlin and I were just pieces of a puzzle that came together.

On Bikes and Brothers

Brothers (and bikes) are pretty cool. I'm very glad I have both.

On Blogging

A meta-post on blogging... a brief personal history, plus a shout-out to our new additions to the blogroll!

Fall Break in Oberlin

From one Obie to another: if you really want to take a break from life during a school break, the easiest way to do it is to stay put.

Yet Another Open Letter

Another open letter to my family: being a big kid is eye-opening and good. Much love-profession enclosed.

Sate Yourself

A mini-manifesto from a mini-chef.

Wheelin' and Reelin'

I would say today was a total success: lots of cool looking bikes, bike paraphernalia all over the place, and hundreds of enthusiastic people outside during one of the most pleasant days of September.

Serve It Up: Obies Participate in Day of Service

The Day of Service is a great opportunity to get off campus and into Lorain County, spend a good few hours working hard and making a difference, and meeting other students committing their morning to the good of the community.

Facing the Facebook Facts

Facebook isn't how college will be, but it'll still be your one of your favorite procrastination devices when you get there.

Tacky the Penguin and Other Stories

With this Oberlin story (with penguins!) in my possession, I had to share it with everyone. I put out an all-call on Twitter and Facebook whenever I was sitting in the library working and knew that people needed a distraction.

Twice In a Lifetime

Oh, Oberlin. Making me have once-in-a-lifetime experiences twice.

Four Plus One: Another Year in Oberlin

And so, my life in Oberlin goes on. Slightly different, but definitely still very, very exciting.

Lights, Camera, Lots of Action!

As a veteran of several of their programs I am still completely obsessed with the Center's summer camps, but I'm a bit too old to be at WKU every summer. Instead, I've graduated to camp counselor, and this time to a roving group of creative teens at a film and media camp right here in Oberlin.

The Kentucky Trek: A Post-Grad Tale of Repeats

When my dad graduated from Oberlin, he went to Kentucky with several recent alums and set up permanent camp on several tracts of farmland in Hart County, Kentucky. When I graduated from Oberlin, I went on a two-week trek with my family to my old Kentucky home. For me, memory lane is paved in green.

Senior Projects: Like Cracker Jacks, or Pringles

I'm trying to legitimize my urge to play with my food, take photos, and make movies. I think my film is a good start in that direction.

OCircus: Now (on my blog) in Technicolor!

Four shows over two days is a big ole exhausting run, but we got the show down to an art form. It was gorgeous. (Many pictures for your enjoyment inside!)

The Only Cure is More Oberlin!

Some advice from a student who wished she could have visited Oberlin during All Roads and has subsequently enjoyed every All Roads since follows here.

Give Me A Break: Another NYC Adventure

This New York spring break was defined by seeing as many Oberlin things in the real world, to complement bringing as many Oberlin things with me on breaks. In this post: The Allen Art Museum at the Met, an alumni musical revue, the Obertones in Washington Square Park, and many photos!

In Defense of Oberlin

As part Oberlin public relations obsessor, part awesome big sister, I made beautiful detailed schedules that kept Ben busy and experiencing all the best things Oberlin had going on this weekend.

An Open Letter to My Parents (and Ben)

I've been feeling introspective (as well as a bit distant as a result of way too many missed phone calls and opportunities to talk to my family) so I composed this open letter of realizations and thanks to my family.

Morgie's the Best: A Saturday at the Morgan Conservatory

For one of our first exercises in media education, we took a class field trip. I love field trips. In this post: step-by-step papermaking with tons of photos!

Classy Last Semester

A rundown of my final semester of classes... featuring lots of amazing things. Movies! More movies! Things that involve cinema and not necessarily movies!

Food and Fashion, Oh My: Winter Term Roundup

I finished off my Winter Term with a foodie flourish and a fashion show... lots of photos included!

Why Go to Washington? Mr. President Comes to Lorain!

On Friday, January 22nd, I saw Barack Obama, much like Mr. Hedgehog of Striking Viking Story Pirates fame. Words to describe this experience: cold, line-y, hilarious, inspiring, cameratastic, fan-tastic, fun-tastic.

Mr. Hedgehog Saw Barack Obama!

What did Obama do? He brought people together, not just the diverse group at the Stocker Center this afternoon, but two very alike people who had never talked before as well.

Fooding Around During Winter Term

Warning: please protect your keyboard before you read this. Very delicious photos within.

A Soup-a-Day Keeps the Winter at Bay

I am taking this month of no assigned obligation to get lots and lots of work done on my senior cinema project, which is making a stop motion animation of a variety of soup recipes.

A Post about Posters

I will try and contain my excitement within the post, but I need to note that haven't really stopped grinning for the last few weeks, and I'm just smiling at my computer while I write this. Because Oberlin makes me happy. And so does this poster.

It's the (ExCo) Final(s) Countdown!

Our final for this ExCo was to make our own picture book, the four of us creating a fabulous story. Picture book enclosed for your reading pleasure!

Good Night, Sleep Tight: Allen After Hours

One night a semester, the museum is open in the evening, specifically catering to students so they can visit the collection during hours that suit their schedule a little better.

Thai Me A River

In this post: 90s pop, teamwork, and things that make your stomach rumble.

Spinnin' in the City

As it is this wonderful tradition to bring as much as possible of Oberlin to New York, I implemented a plan last fall to bring as much of OCircus! to New York as possible. In this post: Circus! Photos! Autumn!

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me...

...but it wouldn't have mattered because I probably wouldn't have listened anyways.

A Stroll Through Oberlin History

Today marked a very exciting day for this class, since we were going on a walking tour through Oberlin's past. (Epic post plus so many photos!)

Three-Way Plug: Why Cinema Studies Was a Good Choice

So, if you want to major in cinema studies when you're done reading this post, don't say I didn't warn you. Contents are shocking and cinematic.

Labor Day: No Babies Allowed.

Way to rain on my Labor Day parade, Ohio. Even after four years, I still don't understand your weather patterns.

Housekeeping, or The Secret Life of oBEErlin-ites

I mentioned before that the first few weeks of college equals '50s housewife meets college student: shopping for classes, ironing out schedules, and cleaning and unpacking all belongings, and if the weather doesn't take the temperature dip it did a few days ago, flowery dresses and sunglasses.

The Orientation Engine Has Left the Station

As I mentioned before, I was back early as an academic ambassador, a friendly, name-tag-emblazoned helpful upperclassman to help the overwhelmed freshmen during their first academic duties. Other than the perk of arriving back on campus early, I got to meet a number of extraordinary new students.

Shining Time Orientation

Some advice for freshmen, their parents, and current students about orientation... pack your bags and tissues; it'll be a wild ride!

Recipes for Summertime, Part Three

These aren't secrets to getting into your dream college, I apologize. I don't think there is a formula for that. What I'm offering in the following post is an approach to making your application a solid representation of yourself.

A Feasible Feastible Festival of Local Flavor

Keeping in the vein of keeping my blog Oberlin-centric, even if I'm a few thousand miles removed, I'm going to do a run down of local food things I like to play with, in Oberlin industrial kitchens and Hawaiian home kitchens. Kitchens are my playgrounds, but with infinitely more sharp objects and dangerous things the average kid shouldn't play with.

Recipes for Summertime, Part Two

Wayyyyy back when I was a wee 'un, I wanted to go to a glorious place, one I had read about in books and seen in movies. College! It was everything I wanted! But first, I had to apply. And applications require writing.

Recipes for Summertime, Part One

No matter how far away you go from Oberlin, you're still going to crave it.

"Snazzy" "Spicy" "Somnambulist" Sandwiches: Hot & Made to Order

I've been working at the Decafe ever since, my hours fluctuating every semester, but I still keep signing up for hours because I truly love working there. I love playing with food, I love making people happy with their food, and I love being creative. And here is where the adjective sandwiches come in.

Parallel Universes

I have just passed the two week point of being home for the summer. And since this is an Oberlin blog, this is about what's different at my summer home and my Oberlin home.

Welcome to the Midnight Movie

Under the new management, the Apollo now has two-dollar matinees, is screening a few different movies a week, and they're starting up a great new-old tradition: the midnight movie.

We Are the Hand Claps

If there is one thing I learned how to do better at Oberlin that wasn't advertised at first was that I am now very good at applause.

Let the Fun Commence

Campus is rather empty right now and it seems like someone picked up Oberlin by the tail and shook and a few good people stayed latched on for the ride.

A Night at the Movies

As a cinema studies major, I don't have exams. If you're in a more traditional cinema class (think English, but your texts are films), you have final papers, but if you're in production classes, you're spending all your time editing, shooting (god help you if this is the case), editing more, printing to tape, and attending your class and other production class screenings.

Life in a Cardboard Box

Remember how I mentioned there are all these distractions during reading period and finals? Ah, yes, there is another one I failed to mention earlier, and that is PACKING.

Will Work for Circus? I Work for Circus!

I've had a request for Circus photos, so I warn you, this is a very photo heavy post. Actually, it's a photo log of the entire show.

Remember, Remember the 18th of April

There comes a weekend in April that you don't necessarily know how it exists. Namely, there is so much packed into a 72 hour period that you need something akin to a Time-Turner (from Harry Potter, lest you forget) to process everything.

Registration: Woe?

Upon return to campus after spring break, students receive a pleasant reminder for fall registration. "What? This soon? I'm still slaving through a disastrous spring semester, everything is about to start moving twice as quickly as before, how could I even THINK of next fall?" you think.

Organs Get Me Pumped

For the record, I am already scared of this story, but hearing it retold in such a dark and echoey space, preluded by an organ piece played in a dark room, well, it was amazing and nerve-wracking. It was the coolest shoot I've even been involved in.

Hump Day: Why I Love Wednesday Nights

We're wacky siblings that not only parents can love, cut from the same cloth but making something different with it. Either way, we have some pretty stylish designers making some great informed and artistic decisions.

Uncle OSCA Wants YOU To Scrub the Toilets!

I got into Harkness co-op the summer before my freshman year and have stayed loyal to the Harkness flag ever since. This year, I think I am the oldest and most experienced veteran Harkness resident. Just call me Auntie Harkness.

That Last Day Before Break

You know that one, the one where you're scrambling to get things done and say goodbye to everyone, and y'know, pack? I like that day, but I don't.

RJD2 =/= R2D2

Oberlin is a mecca for all things music, and not just because of the Conservatory. Cool awesome bands and musicians are here all the time, at a fraction of the cost of most performances in the real world.

Al Franken and Garrison Keillor have Endorsed this Blog Post

Inside, podcasts of A Prairie Home Companion ushered Keepers and visitors into the dining room where we filled our plates and other eating receptacles with hamburger noodle hotdish, green bean casserole, wild rice, powdermilk biscuits, and jello with Swedish fish before heading outside to the sunshine.

A Congress of Art at the Congressional Art Show

For three weeks of the year, the walls of the Bent corridor (which I totally thought was just a descriptor, not the name of two illustrious alumni, up until last week) are graced with beautiful local artwork from students from the 9th Congressional District. I was ever so lucky to be there photographing it.

Professor Plaut's Office Hours

Personally, I was completely terrified of the concept of office hours my freshman year. The professors were amazing and awesome and being in the same room as them one-on-one just seemed like a god-given experience, something not worthy of a lowly freshman. So, baby steps.

The Life of a Journalist...Go!

Working for a paper is exciting at times. Going without sleep comes with the territory.

Selling Yourself: The Oberlin Dating Game

It was by far one of the more entertaining things one could have done on Valentine's Day, and it was for a good cause. There are only so many ways to make free chocolate taste better, and that's having it come out of your nose from laughing too hard.

Because all the cool kids are doing it...

My friends' Facebooks, Livejournals, Obieblogs, and general everyday conversation has been revolving around scheduling for the last week, and I am proud to say that I finally have something to contribute.

The Oberlin Theater Club

There is, in fact, only one magical way to schedule all the performances (AND hit every single "Welcome back to a new semester! We missed you!" activity AND manage to see all your friends who you missed all of winter term... which can all coincide sometimes).

The Long Road Home

Tomorrow will be my first opportunity to listen to my completed mix, The Long Road Home. That last leg that seems to last oh-so-long will be much quicker this time.

A Pirate's Ship Full of Booty(ful Experiences)

A final week with the Pirates... a wayfaring seafaring voyage that will take me to the ends of the world...err... New York.

Pirates Throw Fine Parties

The party-goers are riveted, seeing their words transformed into a play in front of their eyes. The skits are performed with wacky costumes, wigs, and glasses, much in the style that children would play dress-up and make up stories.

With the Pirates, Day Six

At 2.15pm, the lights went down and the excitement went up. All the writers were introduced, taking bows to waves of applause. The Story Pirates theme song was performed, and the show was on!

A Start of a Winter Term in the Big Gritty

So, when everyone started talking about their plans for winter term in that "I'm really trying to avoid my finals work so I'm going to talk to many people I haven't talked to much this semester" time in December, I had a great name to toss into conversation, even if I didn't really know what I'd be doing yet.

A Resolution of an Oberlin Student

I've been running this entire last year on pure adrenaline. I know why, though, and it's because the life of an artist is a long and penniless road.

That four letter word

I know your parents don't want to hear this, but Oberlin students use a bunch of dirty language. One of our favorites is work.

Flavor Trippin'

It looked delicious... but we were told we couldn't eat yet. It is an extremely sadistic thing to show us food and tell us we can't partake. I was ready to dive in. But there was a reason.

My version of getting high

I took a few shots of the bells, of campus, of the students headed down the ladder. A different perspective. I live for this.

A Very Oberlin Thanksgiving

During fall orientation, while moving all my belongings from storage to my room, I got a phone call inviting me to Thanksgiving. And due to the sheer wonderfulness of this family, and their foresight, I accepted. I knew that my Thanksgiving would feel like home with the Albrechts.

It is all... an illusion

The real difference between seeing the dress and the show, though, is the audience. I've been in performance audiences lovingly called the "little audience that could," the small audiences that make up for lacking size with more emotion, appreciation, and gusto than a full house.

I ran away and joined the circus

It's been over a week since the final performance of the Johnson Family Circus. I'm in an extraordinary position to continue reliving the show for days, weeks, even months after.

The Homes Away From Home

It smelled of summers, winters and places I thought of as home too, though she and I only had Oberlin in common.

A Walk in the Woods

One of the best things about pleasant weather in Oberlin is that, due to its non-existence for the majority of months while we're on campus, students and teachers alike take full advantage of warm, sunny days.

Storytelling ExCo

I had cancelled most of my plans for the weekend to write my script for cinema, and was currently completely outlined but not written. And I needed inspiration. A room full of creative souls seemed like a good place to be for two hours of my precious Sunday time.

November 4th in Oberlin

When I tell my kids where I was when this part of history was made, I will say this: I was in Oberlin. The best place in the world.

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