At Oberlin, student-athletes exhibit the same zeal on the playing field as they do in the classroom. Oberlin offers 22 NCAA Division III teams for men and women. The Yeomen compete in baseball, basketball, cross country, football, indoor track, lacrosse, outdoor track and field, soccer, swimming and diving, and tennis. The Yeowomen compete in basketball, cross country, field hockey, indoor track, lacrosse, outdoor track and field, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, and volleyball.

Close to a third of all Oberlin students participate in the college's 18 intramural sports and 15 club programs, which range from aikido to ice hockey. Oberlin also offers a variety of athletics courses from yoga and bowling to lifeguard training and tennis. Everyone is encouraged to participate, whether experienced or novice.

The Jesse Philips Physical Education Center is the hallmark of Oberlin's athletic complex. Its gymnasium is used for basketball, volleyball, club sports, and just for fun. Other facilities in Philips include: a climbing wall and bouldering cave; Carr Pool; weight rooms; and six racquetball and nine squash courts, two of which are set up for table tennis and one for indoor golf. The John W. Heisman Club Field House is linked to Philips and includes a six-lane 200-meter track and four tennis courts.

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