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Oberlin employs its students in virtually all aspects of its operations. While the best-paying job on campus is the Resident Assistant (RA) position with Residential Education, many other high-paying jobs (with far less responsibility) appear at every turn.

The Oberlin Classifieds is a useful resource when researching job opportunities. Some are designated only for work-study students, but many are open to all students. Some of the most common jobs on campus are found at one of the many libraries or dining halls. Oberlin also has a program through the Bonner Center for Service and Learning through which work-study students are paid for structured community service.

Many academic departments employ their majors to assist with clerical work. The Student Union is also a great employer with jobs ranging from building monitors to bartending at the 'Sco. One suggestion for those looking for jobs - find the place you like the most on campus, and see if you can get paid to spend time there!

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