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When most people think of research, they picture scientists in white lab coats watching rats run through mazes. While this type of research is integral to our understanding of the world - and you can find plenty of it here at Oberlin! - research happens across all disciplines and can just as easily involve sitting in a library with a mountain of books or interviewing people a thousand miles away from home.

At Oberlin, students tackle all types of research, and not just as faculty assistants. Students are prepared and encouraged to seek out research opportunities, whether on their own or with a professor. With projects on topics as varied as modern-day uses of the Book of Job, the transmission of the West Nile virus, and the effects of talk shows on political campaigns, you'll find a research opportunity to fit every interest.

Collaboration with faculty members can introduce students to new career paths and provide experiences comparable to those of graduate students. With Oberlin's well-known reputation for producing more eventual PhDs than any other liberal arts college, such research experience pays off later for many alumni. In fact, it is not uncommon for Oberlin students to co-author articles with faculty and be published in scholarly journals. Students often take advantage of the Office of Sponsored Programs, which supports presentations of students' research to the broader academic community.

Oberlin also provides its emerging scholars with the facilities to properly conduct their research. The Oberlin College Science Center offers state-of-the-art laboratories, lecture halls, and classroom spaces, as well as a science library with 67,000 books and journals. It houses the biology, chemistry, and physics departments and the neuroscience program, which encourages collaborative learning among a variety of natural science disciplines.

In addition, the Adam J. Lewis Center for Environmental Studies (AJLC) has received wide acclaim as a model for ecologically sound buildings. This building is an experiment in ecological design for both students and faculty; it produces its own energy through solar panels, purifies and reuses non-potable wastewater on site, and utilizes sustainable materials. With over 150 environmental sensors installed throughout the building and landscape, the AJLC's data monitoring and display system provides a unique opportunity to visualize in real-time the flows of energy and cycling of matter. The AJLC was conceived as a "building that teaches;" that is, a facility in which the lessons embodied in technology and design choices serve to reinforce rather than contradict lessons taught in its classrooms.

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) provides guidance for students conducting faculty-mentored research. The opportunities for research provided by this office also help ensure that Obies who go on to pursue Ph.Ds are diverse in gender, race, and economic background. Research programs such as the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program and Oberlin College Research Fellow focus on eliminating inequalities in higher education by increasing research opportunities for traditionally marginalized students. In addition, OUR sponsors the Oberlin Summer Research Institute, which alongside the Mellon and Research Fellows Programs, helps make research a central part of the Oberlin experience.

Most academic departments offer students the opportunity to craft their own research projects. Through the Honors Program, students of proven ability and independence focus on a particular issue or theme in their senior year, culminating in a final paper, presentation, or performance. While honors projects vary in the type of work done, they are independent projects under the supervision of faculty advisors. And much like graduate level evaluations, every candidate for honors undergoes a special examination by faculty and outside experts to determine whether honors will ultimately be awarded.

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