{ Spring? What is that? }

So it's the first day of spring, and it's snowing in Oberlin. Wahoo! Happy vernal equinox y'all. I can't say I'm altogether surprised - March in the Midwest is perpetually disappointing, never sunny and warm-ish and bursting with flowers like you might hope it to be. Besides, this gloomy weather - for those of us who have way too much to do - is in our favor, right?! If it were beautiful outside, I'd have to run around in a sundress and play frisbee and ignore my mounds of midterms and job applications that are accumulating on my desk. Who needs that?!?

Instead of playing in the warm, non-existent sunshine, we can read/sleep in a library carrel and drink too much espresso and fear the looming void called My Future Job. So this is a really positive situation, in case that wasn't clear. There was a hilarious blog post by Helena Thompson a couple years ago in which she laments springtime in five concise reasons, and does quite a good job of explaining just why spring is overrated. Favorite quote on Why Helena Hates Spring:

People have gotten over their Seasonal Depressive Disorders. All this sun and fun has made Oberlin students HAPPY again. What does this mean? Smiles. Lots of them. All of the time. I don't want to have to make the effort to smile at people that I pass on my way to class. Keep your head down and walk, Helena. You can do it.

So in the spirit of the snow, here are some photos of the Oberlin campus in the wintertime. Here's a secret: Oberlin can actually be gorgeous in the winter. Despite the stress and studiousness, I love Oberlin's campus in the snow.

p.s. A random student just came by and dropped this note on my table at Azariah's. I think they were assuming I was typing away frantically on an actual paper or take-home test, as opposed to a blog, but I appreciate the positive reinforcement nonetheless. Thank you magical stranger! I think we could all benefit from your words of wisdom....

p.p.s. Also, THIS just happened. That's right. This campus is outta control. I need to stop while I'm ahead! Soon enough it will ACTUALLY be spring and everyone will have smiles this wide and I won't get any work done, I'll be too busy reveling in how much I love my friends and fellow students at this freakin' school.

Enzo and Eliana with some of the biggest smiles on this campus. Thanks for the hugs you two!!

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As usual, these photos are GORGEOUS. I particularly love the photo of Hebrew House in the snow.

I also love Eliana, but that is beside the point.

Posted by: Emily on March 26, 2013 8:18 PM

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