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While many college-bound students (not to mention their parents!) worry about having to subsist on packaged noodles alone, students at Oberlin have minimal cause for concern.

Dining Halls

Six different meal plans offer choices that range from traditional all-you-can-eat dining halls to a snack bar with freshly made sandwiches and salads, coffee, smoothies, and assorted groceries. In addition, vegetarian and vegan options cater to a variety of dietary preferences. With a strong emphasis on locally grown and organic foods, the dining halls at Oberlin offer students healthier and more sustainable options than one might expect.

At Dascomb, with its central location on campus and take-out option, students can grab a quick bite to eat before dashing off to class. Dascomb is also home to the ever-popular fourth meal, where students who are studying late can come to refuel for the night. Both Stevenson and Lord-Saunders offer a sit-down environment and all-you-can-eat buffet. Stevenson provides a variety of dining options during most meals, while Lord-Saunders offers more home-style comfort foods and is open only on weekday nights.

The student union houses the DeCafe (read day-calf), a sandwich/smoothie bar and market, and the Rathskeller, a lunchtime diner. If you need to get a bite to eat between chemistry labs, the Science Center also provides a morning and lunchtime cart that serves coffee and sandwiches. The latest addition to campus, Azariah's, serves hot coffee and snacks to students studying in Mudd library.

Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA)

The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) offers students the chance to prepare their food from start to finish in a community setting. With several different communities, including dietary to culturally themed kitchens, OSCA provides an interactive alternative to the traditional dining options on campus. And with the student-run nature of the co-ops, the operations and atmosphere of each can vary by semester, though most keep a certain social and dietary identity that is their own.

For more information:

Kosher Halal Co-op
Fairchild Co-op
Harkness Co-op
Tank Co-op
Third World Co-op
Pyle Inn Co-op
Keep Co-op
Old Barrows Co-op
Brown Bag Co-op

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Al Franken and Garrison Keillor have Endorsed this Blog Post

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Pizza Night at Keep

posted by Daniel Tam-Claiborne '09 | I learned that there is a certain art to pie-making, kneading from the center out, making sure that the middle isn't too thin, and being careful to leave a slightly raised border along the outside so there's some semblance of crust after it bakes.

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posted by Alice Ollstein '10 | I had the distinct pleasure of flying to Rome for fall break to see my S.O., who is studying Classics there, and I got to employ a lot of what I've learned in classrooms and the coops during my stay.

Work Ethics

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